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Tallis Steelyard

There are few arguments that can rumble on longer than arguments within family. The Clannalds are perhaps a good example of this. Old Topper Clannald was a gentleman. He had a large estate on the south side of the Paraeba Estuary across from Port Naain. He was well to the west of the Port Naain suburbs of Saskadil and Roskadil. His house was large, set among parkland with views over the estuary and out to sea. It was also fortified enough for utility, but not so much that it was a keep rather than a charming gentleman’s residence. He was lucky in that his sister, Tilia, went to be a priestess in the Order of Aea Undivided. Thus the inheritance was not shared.
He had a number of sons. The eldest, also called Topper (initially young Topper, but eventually Middle Topper) was a country gentleman to his fingertips. He rarely…

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