Yesterday Was A Bad Day…

Yesterday afternoon when I went into the kitchen to prepare my one meal for the day, I had to get down on my hands and knees to be able to see inside one of my kitchen cupboards. I was looking for a particular oven tray.

As I got down on my knees I fell forward, banging my head on the floor. I had no time to put my hands down to stop falling. I have become physically weakened due to my age (seventy-three). Had someone been with me, maybe I wouldn’t have hurt myself. Living on your own is fine until something like this happens. This got me thinking how many others my age and older experience falls like I did?

Not being as fit as I was a few years ago, what happened to me is frightening to say the least. Thankfully I didn’t fall too far – only a couple of feet. Even so it hurt physically. But what hurt more was the realization that I am no longer physically strong!

Since I turned sixty-five eight years ago, and officially became an old age pensioner, money has been tight, hence the reason for my one meal a day. Is it any wonder I have become physically weak? I think not!

10 thoughts on “Yesterday Was A Bad Day…

  1. Sorry that you had a fall, Jack. That must have been fearful being alone with no one to help. I think it’s universal that older people have limited resources to even buy necessities. I don’t know what our governments can do to remedy that. Wish I had some answers. Hope the best for you. Christine

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  2. Jack, as you note, it pretty much happens to most folks as they move up through/past their 60s. And I think that COVID has complicated/intensified the problem.

    I’ll be 70 in about six months when I enter my 8th decade of life (heh, funny how those numbers work, eh?) When I was 68 I was still confidently bicycling around to the bank to some stores to make visits and two or three times a week t least a quick stop in at the local smoking pubs to show my support and say hello and to make all the pretty girls swoon…
    (Well, ok, not so sure on that last one…)

    But with COVID, I’ve been out on the bicycle I’d say a total of four times in the past year. And when I went out on it a few weeks ago I felt *very* uncertain about myself although that moderated to just moderately uncertain. We have wide, low-populated sidewalks, and I’m not into racing along or laying bets as to who’ll “win” if my bike tangles with a car, so I do a moderate amount of laid-back sidewalk riding. But on that last voyage I did almost ALL sidewalk riding. My muscles weren’t up for speed, and my sharpness/balance/confidence was even less thrilled than usual when it came to bumping heads with four-wheelers.

    I think you and I and others in this spot though really need to concentrate on “Using It” before we end up “Losing It.” It doesn’t take long to lose confidence and I think we need to push ourselves as much as we safely can despite recognizing the risks of broken hips etc. If we DON’T push ourselves in keeping our balances and muscle tones we’ll end up “Old before our times”!

    – MJM, young before his time… hopefully!

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  3. I’m so sorry to hear Jack. Hope you are okay. Falls seem common as we get older. My mum also fell recently and hit her head. She’s okay but had to have stitches, very stressful for them (my dad is much older than her at 91.) Covid doesn’t help. She has a walking stick now as has balance issues.

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  4. Jack, any exercise will tone your muscles up again. I’m 63 and 3 years ago I took up cycling. I cycle for just half an hour every day, but it’s made the world of difference and I’m physically fitter now. I also walk for half an hour every day. The more you sit, the more your muscles will become de-conditioned. I have learned this by typing clinic letters dictated by doctors for almost 20 years now..

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  5. Sorry to hear about your fall, Jack. It happens more and more as we get older, that’s a fact. But there is a simple – and cheap – solution to get a bit better physically. I’m almost 68 and before Covid, I used to go three times a week to a nearby gym to work out. When it had to close because of the pandemic, I bought a pair of fitness elastics on the internet. You can hook them behind a door and do resistance training on your own, even when watching television. They cost me 22 euro, home-delivered. There are three bands: yellow, orange, and black that you can use. Yellow is light, orange a bit heavier, and black even heavier. Wouldn’t that be something for you? A quarter of an hour daily already goes a long way. But I still am hoping that my gym will re-open soon, but meanwhile, the elastic bands are a great help. You can use them for nearly all your muscles…Success and be careful!

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