No More MS Office!

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Ever since I started writing seriously back in 1995, I’ve spent a lot of money buying the newest edition of Microsoft Office. Earlier this year I bought myself the latest version of MS Office. Big mistake! After spending around £70 it downloaded with relative ease. The trouble was that when it came to livening it up, Microsoft had linked the whole process to their website, requiring me to open a specific Microsoft account for the purpose. Even after I’d fully complied, the damned thing still refused to register and start. As far as I was concerned that was the last straw! I finally decided enough is enough and removed all traces of all versions of MS Office from my laptop. Goodbye MS Word, been nice knowing you – not.

If asked, my fellow writer and WordPress blogger Michael Jecks will always wax lyrical about a purpose built writing platform called…

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One thought on “No More MS Office!

  1. Great decision! I had given up working with MS Office when more and more courses were offered for it. Since then I’ve been using OpenOffice, and Scribus ( for layout-based things. Scribus is not comparable to Adobe Framemaker or QuarkXPress, but it is quick to use for simple things. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be the bulldozer, when all you need is a shovel. Lol Best wishes, Michael

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