100 Days of Writing

We are not cool anymore…

The 960 Writers

A thing I proposed over on tumblr and it looks like a lot of people are signing up.

Here’s the post https://the-wip-project.tumblr.com/post/652351085233766400/100-days-of-writing and here’s the text:


Recently, I noticed my writing friends dropping away. They don’t talk about their stories anymore, they aren’t posting snippets anymore, they don’t talk about this great idea they just had under the shower. And somehow they don’t seem to write as much anymore.

And I get it, you know? We’re all busy. Life doesn’t wait for the muse to come around and we all got some sort of pandemic trauma. But there’s a thing I noticed recently in that I write more if I talk about writing and when I don’t talk about it, I kind of lose the drive. Does that make sense?

So here’s what I’m proposing for one hundred days, starting on June the 1st.

We write. Duh, of course. But…

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