beetleypete- Random Blogger Interviews

beetleypete- Random Blogger Interviews

From our man Pete in Beetley, Norfolk, England, World…

Hey there! Welcome back to ‘The Confessions of a Random Blogger!’

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Pete frombeetleypete. He’s one of my favourite bloggers on this platform!

In fact he actually gave me the honour of publishing a guest post on his blog a few months ago! You can check that post out here.

I would like to sincerely thank Pete for allowing me to interview him. Be sure to check out his blog if you haven’t already!

How would you describe yourself and your blog to a new reader?

It is a very mixed blog, containing Fiction, Photographs, Film Reviews, and the day-to-day adventures of my dog, Ollie, on our walks in the countryside. It is not a niche blog, on a specific subject.

What is your writing process like? Do you have any traditions or rituals you do while writing?


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A rewrite is underway

I wrote this back in 2016 when I rewrote The Seventh Age. In hindsight, not a good idea…

Have We Had Help?

7th age

When I wrote and published The Seventh Age back in 2012, my thinking at the time was to get it out as quickly as possible before the winter solstice in that year, mistakes and all. Why? To appeal to those who firmly believed the Mayan calendar predictions that the world would end on December 21st of that year. Obviously it didn’t happen, but the book enjoyed a lot of success, selling in excess of a quarter of a million copies.

Now, having finally got round to re-reading it four years on, its time to produce a second edition, correcting the spelling errors as well as adding the few words missing throughout the story, principally to get the damned grammar nazis and assorted idiots off my back! Let’s face it, by not editing I gave them what they wanted. Unless they can tear a book apart, they’re not happy. And yet…

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On Friendship and Solitude

More from my beautiful friend Stefie XX


I still remember a colleague of mine years ago, who boasted proudly that she had given as summer holiday read Joyce’s Ulysses to her students, Italian students of about 17 years old, actually. “And….are you sure, they will read it?” was my dubious reply. “Of course”, she said. She had no doubts, good for her. I always envy such decided people. I moved to another school then, so I couldn’t check the outcome of that educational choice, but I would bet nobody had truly opened Joyce’s book. An easy win, I dare say. In fact, how could half ignorant adolescents enjoy the read of such a bulky, complex novel, when I …………had not. It is time to confess that I skipped many parts of the masterpiece, read only the last pages of Molly Bloom’s famous monologue and that I have reserved the same destiny to Proust’s

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One More

One of my previous scifi stories…

Have We Had Help?


Following on from my best selling novel the Seventh Age and its sequel, the Forgotton Age, is this pure science fiction novella – the Next Age.


Prepare yourselves for a wild ride as you read about an apocalyptic possible alternative future for mankind. The Next Age follows our fight for survival in the thirty-second century. It’s not too late. We still have time to change our ways. This story need not become a reality…

For countless millennia we swallowed the myth perpetrated by the world’s many religions that we were the only sentient species in the cosmos made by an all-powerful God. As it turned out it was an arrogant belief. In the twentieth century, during the period known as the Cold War, between America and its allies versus the former Soviet Union and its acolytes, we revealed our existence to the universe by launching two probes into…

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Saturday Chaos and Nonsense

Saturday Chaos and Nonsense

More from Adele…


Well here we are again, it’s Saturday and today it really is chaos.

Workmen are sorting our back garden paving, it is really dangerous, all chipped and seen better days. No, the paving not me.

They are doing a great job but the noise, dust and roaring of engines has me going crazy. Hence the top picture. Don’t worry I’m not going to shoot, I still have dreams of reaching the bestseller list with my writing. lol

So, normally I do a “woke up with this song in my head” video, but today I’m sharing this.

This band always gets me nodding my head and stamping my feet and today, I need to make noise.

Have a great weekend everyone, peace out.

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Total morons beware!!!

I hate all manor of laziness and stupidity!!!!!!

Have We Had Help?


I have no time whatsoever for the many kinds of total moron we all come in contact with from time to time, especially those of the lazy variety. had promised me via email last week, to expect the delivery of my new second-hand laptop today. Unbeknown to me I could have had it a day earlier but for one simple reason. Yesterday morning I had got up from working on my WIP to head out into the hallway to go to the bathroom, passing my front door in the process, which by the way is less than twelve feet from where this chair is situated, through an always open door. What do you think I found on the floor directly below my letter box? To my complete surprise I had been left one of those totally infuriating “sorry but you weren’t in when we called” cards, which certain individuals…

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Review: THE BLACK DRESS by Deborah Moggach, published by Tinder Press

Review: THE BLACK DRESS by Deborah Moggach, published by Tinder Press



Hardback ISBN: 9781472260529

This is a rather strange one for me. Occasionally I am lucky enough to have a new book sent to me to review, and I’m always grateful. After all, with my income any opportunity to read another writer’s work is to be appreciated. And because I’m an author it’s not always easy to justify reading for please (especially when, like now, I am rather far behind on deadlines), and being sent books and asked to review them is usually a great pleasure. Not always – although I am an historical novelist, I don’t necessarily enjoy bodice-rippers, and when certain publishers send me romantic stories involving heaving breasts at the sight of the latest Heathcliffe look-alike, I do tend to get a little grumpy.

See what I mean?

As an example, today I received an invitation to review a book by an actress who has written a “Raw…

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Is this a clear case of literary crucifixion?

With friends like this, who needs enemies???

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Unless they are masochistic, no one likes to be attacked. The following is a classic example of a troll attack by someone who cultivates a friendly countenance to the world. I’ve known this person for a few years now. Hell, I like him. Until the other side of his Jekyle and Hyde persona appears when he is asked to provide a review that is.

Luckily I managed to persuade the individual concerned not to post what he considers is an honest review. For those of you who have already read and reviewed Autumn 1066, decide for yourselves if you agree with his brutal crucifixion of the historical account. Who knows what motivated him to go on the offensive? Only he can answer that…


“Autumn 1066 reminded me of one of those dramatized historical TV documentaries. You get the narrator telling you what’s going on and you occasionally meet a…

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An Opportunity Too Far

More from Peter…


Robin understood everything he needed to know about the state of marriage, or so he thought: for him, being a contented man was a matter of policy. He taught as a lecturer at a minor university and expressed his passion for life through the game of ‘real tennis,’ which is a sport known to very few people and likely to remain so.

With his wife of twenty-two years, Margaret, who worked as a teacher at their local school, he embraced a routine where risk was not invited and so it might have continued if his book, “The Secret Life Of Bores” had not become an unexpected success,granting him a profile on the campus normally reserved for those who studied more glamorous topics like photography or estate planning.

Within the privacy of his home, he bonded with his wife while watching television dramas and eating snacks. Sometimes after dark, once or…

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‘Forgotten People’s’ Latest Review


Everything comes to he who waits…

Alaedin Fazel
5.0 out of 5 stars If we could just remember!

Reviewed in Germany on 19 July 2021

Verified Purchase