The Third Chapter

Chapter Three Kiddies – Enjoy…

Have We Had Help?


Chapter Three

Encounter with an enigma

The journey up to Titicaca along the old railway lines, laid in the nineteenth century by pioneering British railway engineers in trying conditions, made Nick glad that he was seated for the journey due to the onset of altitude sickness. With each turn in the zigzag path of the line, the ancient steam powered locomotive wheezed, puffed and complained as the altitude took its toll on machine and man alike. All around him, his fellow passengers took hundreds of vacation snaps for their family albums back home, while talking incessantly in annoyingly loud voices about the wonderful views of the mountainous countryside they were slowly passing through, adding to his altitude induced headache. Lake Titicaca, at 12,500ft above sea level and with a surface area of 3,232 square miles and an average depth of 351ft, is the highest body of fresh water in the…

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