Answer me this if you can?

#writers Some say we are what we eat!

Have We Had Help?

The other day I posted the following on my Facebook page:

They say you are what you eat. Following that totally ilogical way of thinking, I am Gouda, Bacon, Eggs and Chips.

Why is it that total miseries who claim their know best, disapprovingly shake their heads at the rest of us who prefer to eat real food, not dietary supplements and other complete nonsenses?

According to people like them, I’m doomed because I love the following mix of basic foodstuffs. Do I feel unhealthy? Not a damned bit of it!





All answers on a thick piece of buttered toast please…

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2 thoughts on “Answer me this if you can?

  1. My dear old Grandad ate 3 eggs, bangers, bacon, and fried toast every day for breakfast and was strong as an ox until the day he died, in his early 90s. I am afraid if we are what we eat, nowadays we are made up of unpronounceable substances – I say stick to the basics and be happy!!!

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