Review: Living With Shakespeare: St Helen’s Parish, London 1593-1598

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History, as I learned at school, even at its very best and most exciting can, if a teacher or writer tries hard enough, become dull and tedious in the extreme. Which is why I picked sciences for A level and dropped history. I loved history as a subject, and had studied the medieval period, Victorian era and both World Wars in my spare time. But I have a dreadful memory for dates, and I was convinced I’d never get a good qualification – let alone a well-paid job.

The history of a parish is not the sort of subject to enthuse. It is an already dry, uninteresting topic. Or so I thought before I picked up this book. This truly magnificent book. I say magnificent because Geoffrey Marsh has produced a wonderful history in this book.

I’ve never read any of Marsh’s previous works, and do not know the man…

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