Farewell, Fair Weather “Friends”

A litle something from Ajoobacats….

Ajoobacats Blog

It isn’t often I share my innermost feelings with people. I certainly don’t share such thoughts with many. I tend to keep most things to myself, even when I probably shouldn’t. Particularly when I shouldn’t. So taking courage and expressing something that was bugging me, in what I presumed was a safe environment, proved to be a huge mistake.

After expressing myself, without prejudice, making sure as best I could but implicitly stating this was a no-blame expression of feelings arising in me, I was met with encouragement, empathy, compassion and understanding. I was also met with judgement, defensiveness and what was a subtle threat of withdrawing the hand of friendship.

I don’t respond well to judgement, defensiveness or threats. So I decided the best course of action was to remove myself from a forum and from company that was no longer safe. This lack of safety wasn’t something I…

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