Back in the saddle

My Beautiful Muse

Ok – I’m back where I feel happiest – writing the next chapter in my WIP East Wind. I’ve deliberately sent my anti hero Olav/Bill off on another sea voyage accompanied by his daughter Tilde. This clears the way for what I have in mind for his grandmother-in-law and his wife. It isn’t pretty…

What I’m trying to decide is how they both die. I’ve already decided where it happens – a five star hotel in Singapore which you will find out about when you read the book. I have a few ways to choose from so far. My ultimate goal is to clear the way for Bill to meet the transgender woman I have in mind, and hopefully fall in love with her, or at least in lust. I haven’t established how little Tilde will react to her as yet.

Well thats about it for now I have two deaths to work out. More later…

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