And Finally

Now that you’ve read my long short story about four differing aspects of love, the last being ‘the love that shall not speak it’s name’, I’d like to thank those of you who hung in there right to the bitter end, reading each and every chapter. Both myself and my beautiful German muse Sally (below) who I based Katya on, hope you enjoyed the story. BTW – now would be a good time to hear your thoughts about whether or not East Wind appealed to you as my ‘control group’. In short, if after reading it you are indifferent to the story, there is no point in my publishing it on Amazon. However if you did enjoy the read, I will include your reviews (the fair ones that is) as editorial reviews. If you have no plan to buy a copy of the ebook for yourselves, please ensure that at the very least you make a point of recommending it to your friends when it appears alongside my other works. These days it takes more than rave reviews and advertising to get the largely jaded public to buy an ebook, particularly if its indie author is not widely known and accepted. I will be offering it at the lowest price KDP allows (hopefully ยฃ0.99 pence). Perhaps you might even consider writing a review and posting it to Amazon?

Thanks again.

PS – I was told that I can certainly write a love story. Thank you for the compliment Christine XX

PPSdon’t forgetNo reviews, no published ebook entitled East Wind! It’s all down to you.

PPS – I have no intention of disappointing my beautiful muse. Neither should you. Katya’s story needs to be read, if only to make people aware of the LGBT community. I know a handful of Katya’s sisters. Every one of them is to be congratulated for rising above all the hate and prejudice they have endured when they were nought but children. I admire them. Hell if I had met Katya, like Bill I would have fallen for her…

13 thoughts on “And Finally

  1. Jack, Iโ€™ll repeat that you definitely know how to write a love story. The characterโ€™s emotions were felt through your dialogue and setting. I could visualize the scenes, and that kept me reading. You have mastered writing about relationships, the good & the sad loss. Bravo! ๐Ÿ“š๐ŸŽถ Christine


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