Author Spotlight – Bobby Nash

Author Spotlight – Bobby Nash

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Please introduce yourself.

Hi. I’m Bobby Nash. I write novels, comic book, audio scripts, screenplays, and whatever else pops into my head. I work in multiple genres, but most of my work falls in the thriller and crime fiction camp.

1. When did you start writing?

I dabbled in writing and drawing comic book stories as a kid and into my teenage years. I also write and drew for the high school newspaper and yearbook. I also supplied comic strips to a local magazine that ran for twelve years. I turned my family into comic strip characters. That was fun. Eventually, I realized that while I enjoyed drawing, my art was not up to professional standards, so I focused on writing and eventually sold my first story to a publisher. In my 20’s, the idea for a novel hit me and I tried it. I finished a story, and…

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East Wind’s fourth review

This is the first five star review from America by C.C. Mckenzie. Click on the link in red to go to to get your own copy…

Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2022

Jack Eason is not a writer who can be stored in a particular ‘drawer’… He’s not genre-specific, he’s not mainstream, and his stories never follow a specific plan, like we would ‘know’ it from, let’s say, crime writers or, in this particular case, romance writers. Couple meets, the couple falls passionately in love, some rumor or lies separate couple. Still, they eventually find out the truth, get back together, stronger than before, and live happily ever after.


Jack Eason’s book East Wind is one of those stories that follow their path. It’s a story about love and romance, and still, in my opinion, romance isn’t the main factor that makes the story. I think it’s about love. There are so many different levels of love and emotions. The romantic part is a factor that adds to the story, but to me, East Wind shows that love is only pure with complete tolerance acceptance – and without any conditions.

The story’s main character, Bill, and his adventures make an incredible ‘long short story’ about romance and love. After only a few pages, I felt I knew Bill from somewhere. I’m not going into a plot description, scared I could ruin the next reader’s pleasure.

But I’d like to add that East Wind combines all facets of Jack Eason’s unique writing style, his particular, hard-to-describe way of telling a story and still leaving plenty of room to tickle the reader’s fantasy. At the end of East Wind, the reader feels the story is told and still likes to read more. Jack Eason’s gift as a writer is to finish his work, but still let his readers think that there could be more of his talent. And I’m sure there is. Maybe this story is told, but I’m convinced the next one will be just as intriguing, engaging, and unique as this one.


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marjorie mallon
4.0 out of 5 stars Love in all its forms and seafaring adventure

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 6, 2022

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4.0 out of 5 stars Jack Eason writes fast, enthralling stories, this is another of those.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 7, 2022

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Chris Graham
4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting read.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 7, 2022

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Full Circle

Full Circle

Well written

All Things Thriller

Under normal circumstances K.K. would have gone Unionville Parkway even though it made her commute ten minutes longer. That’s what everybody does. If you don’t go Unionville you have to take H27 South straight through Scottstown. And nobody wants to do that unless they have to get to the hospital–fast.

Scottstown is bad. Lots of gangs. Lots of dope. Especially over there by Memorial.

Lots of guns there too, but people don’t talk about that. Probably cause there are lots of guns in Unionville also.

Back when she lived at home, our parents forbade her from going anywhere near downtown Scottstown. “Girl, I’ll light you up if I catch you over there,” mother would warn. Dad just threatened to take her car keys; her whole life, he never laid a hand on her.

All the threats in the world didn’t matter though, when Sawyer, Toby and Lady T went dry…

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A Question…

Side portrait of a tattooed viking blonde female and her unique hairstyle

For several years now I have wondered why it is that many younger women have full, or partial, body tattoos? Do they honestly think that disguising their body’s natural beauty is a good thing?

At my age, almost seventy four, as a former serviceman I have two tattoos, one on each upper arm, (a winged eagle and a Chinese Dragon surrounded by the names of places I had been too during my tour of duty), that I registered with the forces as a form of recognition, should I die in battle and be unrecognizable.

Unless I am only wearing a T-shirt, no one will ever see them. Looking at them in the mirror, both have lost the rich colour they used to have. Not surprising as it was fifty-six years ago when I got the second one in Singapore, before being sent to Vietnam as a radio operator. At the time RO’s were one of two targets to be eliminated. The other was the officer leading the patrol.

With a full or partial body tattoo ladies, you cannot hide it from view. How many of you are shunned by family, work colleagues or friends I wonder.

Take a look at the photograph below.

If you look closely at this photograph of my beautiful German muse Sally (my inspiration for ‘Katya’ in my recent novella East Wind), you will observe she has a dragon tattooed on her exquisite back, done in monochrome – (black ink). While her hair plus any dress she may wear help to hide it, at least it isn’t brightly coloured. When you are my age, providing you live that long, your body tattoo will be a faded shadow of it’s former self.

Ladies, I urge you to think long and hard before you visit a tattooist. Consider one thing – A TATTOO IS FOR LIFE, NOT A FASHION STATEMENT FOR A FEW MONTHS UNTIL YOU THINK IT’S TIME TO REMOVE IT! Removing them means terribly unsightly scars, not to mention the extremely painful surgical procedure, removing not just the top layer of your skin, but several, if not all of the lower dermal layers, depending on the depth of the ink!!!

For those who consider female full body tattooes to be a living work of art – give me strength!!! All it shows is that they are ashamed of themselves. What it says to me is here is a woman who is suffering from low esteem. A very sad state of affairs by anyone’s standards. Women should be proud of who they are, even though deepdown they still seek approval from society in general. Be brave ladies! I’m proud of every strong woman who takes no notice of what ‘social media’ insists on promulgating…


Remembering Emma

More from Peter 😉


I’d entered the winner’s circle: wealth, travel and: ( check,check,check. ) women:  mine and any one else’s I could charm. I could walk into any restaurant and they would say, “On us sir” and I would nod, because modesty is part of the package. I was a known speaker, whose financial visions had been aired on television. I had children by more than two women, all of them cherished and nurtured because that’s what civilised people do. My money was my own to spend, but my children could inherit my insights to light their future while trusting in their own abilities.

All, well and good: pat on the back for the big man, and mine’s a large one. Oh yes, I could ” Hang out” with the crowd and sniff a line of something: drink without regard to safety and spread the word that life’s a party once you find…

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I knew it was too much to hope…

Further to my previous post on why I hate banks – an hour ago, two hours after the taxi ride into town, I finally got home after I handed over readable copy of my new telephone number, which one of the tellers copied into the bank’s operating system. Why? Because in their infinite stupidity, they added yet another level of security to using my bank card online. It involves them sending a text to my phone containing ‘purchase authorization codes’ which I have to add before my purchase is valid!!! Why in God’s name I have to physically add them I can’t say. But, I can honestly say that my current bank is obssessed with security, to the point of paranoia, making the bank unhelpful to their account owners!!!

Thank god I’m in the process of changing my bank!!! My application has already been accepted. All I have to do is wait for the paper work to arrive through my front door and fill it in. Why It can’t be done online I don’t know. The bank I’ve selected is high on the ‘customer friendly list’. My existing one is at the bottom!

I’ll try to order something online tomorrow (Wednesday) when you read this. I tried a half hour ago and was refused, despite my bank telling me that I could go ahead today, after my new number was livened – NOT!!!

If the damned bank still refuses my debit card tomorrow, the air will be blue around here I can tell you!!! Now that my phone works, and after I’ve calmed down, I can give whoever answers at my bank a piece of my mind, demanding to know what the hell is wrong!!!

PS – Just tried to use my card one last time today. Still no such luck! I’m still getting ‘your bank denied the purchase’!!! Better not happen tomorrow!!!!!!!

PPS – I almost forgot – to come home I used the local bus. God almighty what a palava. First of all the bus I needed doesn’t stop at the main bus stop in town. I had to walk to the bus stop outside Tesco’s – torture for my legs. Thank god for my sturdy walking stick! Was I glad to get off at my stop in the suburbs? Hell yes! The vehicle has no springs. We felt every bump. Plus the hard seat was torture on my derriere! By all accounts, not a fun day for this old man!

PPPS – On the bright side, I had a chat with a lovely lady called Jayne while waiting for the bus. Nice to know people like her still inhabit this planet…

Neolithic Europe And Beyond

Ancient history – my favourite subject!


The Neolithic period dates from 10,000 BC until 4,500 BC. It began 12,022 years ago, long before Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, or the Mayan and Aztec civilisations in the Americas. Given those dates, it is easy to imagine that you would find little trace of Neolithic settlements and buildings today. But nothing could be further from the truth, thanks to the work of archaeologists.

Stonehenge. One of the best-known examples of a stone temple, situated in the south-west of England.
It was built around 5,000 years ago, so is ‘Late Neolithic’.

A Dolmen, or burial tomb. This one is in Italy.

The oldest religious structure known so far. Built in 10,000 BC. It is in Anatolia, Turkey.

Temples on the Island of Malta. Over 6,000 years old, so older than the Pyramids in Egypt.

A farmstead on a Scottish Island. This is dated from 3,500 BC, so is…

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I ask you, how can we be alone in the universe?

For those who don’t like to read, here’s a video…

Have We Had Help?

When you look at this video, forget the simplistic answers foisted upon humanity by religion since time immemorial, and more recently by certain individuals within the scientific community to explain why the universe exists and our place in it. Common sense and cold hard reality dictates that no mysterious all seeing entity made the universe. Nor did it happen with a big bang. Both woolly beliefs stretch credulity to breaking point. The universe just is.

As for whether or not we are the only sentient species, how can we be, it makes no sense either. Somewhere out there life, not necessarily as we would recognize it, is going about its business. All I would say to them/it, whatever, is I hope that they fail to discover us, or we them. Our species is totally undesirable, warlike, greedy, arrogant and controlling. We are to be avoided like the plague for the…

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Some jobs give you too much time to think

A few words from Jim…

Jim Webster

I think it was the water utility company who started the rot. They put a new water main through, could be thirty years ago now, and of course dug through the hedge. But they didn’t fix it properly, they merely put in a wooden post and rail fence. Which rotted.

Then sheep or cattle went through it and before you know where you are, you have this.

So I decided it was about time I fixed it. Whilst the two fields on either side of the hedge are largely run as one, the gap here, right next to the gate, is a pain in the proverbial. When you’re driving livestock out of the gate, the hedges are supposed to channel them onto the road. Having a gap here means that your average sheep or dairy heifer glances at the gap and decides it looks more fun than the road. So…

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How I hate Banks and Bankers

My days of buying on line ended on Friday morning. I had just put together my weekly grocery order with the supermarket I use. Then when I went to pay for it online – disaster! Unbeknown to me my bank (Halifax) had introduced yet another security level – purchase authorization codes.This would not have been a problem except they insist on sending the code to my non existant telephone. Had they had the presence of mind to email the code to me – not a problem!

The annoying thing is my bank knows I don’t have a phone, preferring instead to communicate with the outside world by email. You would have thought my up to date method was sufficient. Not the damned Halifax Bank. Oh no, they want to use 19th and 20th century technology!!!

I grabbed my walking stick and walked to the COOP store just around the corner. The first thing I did was to see if their ridiculous security has affected withdrawing money from the hole in the wall there. Fortunately it hasn’t!

Give the bastards time…

So, from now on I’ll be back and forth to the corner store for anything in the way of food I previously bought online. As for emailing Halifax – forget it. The ‘Contact Us’ email address for them is not recognised!!! I’ve a damned good mind to switch banks. The trouble is there is no guarantee that any other UK bank will prove customer friendly!