What I’m Reading

With everything I’ve been involved with such as the launch of my latest novella East Wind, and working out how to make my new fifty inch television and its modern Surround Sound system work, (I chose a Bose Sound Bar for its simplicity) plus adding a direct link between my new tv and this laptop via a long double ended HDMI cable, all for the sake of my aged eyes, I have been neglecting my reading.

At last I’m reading Richard Dee’s science fiction novel – The Syk’m. So far, while having read the first four chapters, I have to say I’m enjoying the story. Currently I’ve taken a break from chapter five to write this post. I’m enjoying delving into one of Richard’s worlds once again. By reading one chapter each day, it means that I can thoroughly take in each and every part of the chapter in question. It also means that it will take me some time to read the story in full. If the story hadn’t grabbed me I would have moved on ages ago…

As I have no immediate plans to write another story of my making, I can give Richard’s work the attention it deserves.

PS – don’t forget to click on East Wind in Red above to see what its all about.

More later…

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