I honestly don’t know which is worse…


…a story that moves at a snail’s pace, or one that has been deliberately padded out. Both are a big no no in my book, if you will pardon the pun. And yet many of today’s writers are guilty of using one or both practices, egged on by online proponents of both. More fool them!

Anyone who has ever read any of my books can confirm that I wholeheartedly embrace fast paced writing. I for one do not want to wade through endless pages of off piste ramblings. So why should I make my readers suffer in the same way? Even my Autumn 1066 is fast paced.

When it comes to a book’s characters, personally I do not need to know every minute detail about any of them. Just the salient points. Over the years many who have read and reviewed my books often complain about what they see as the minimal amount of information I disclose about my characters. Why is that? Simple – because I tend towards the trickle method throughout the story. Why do I do that?

Ask yourselves this question – when you first meet someone new, do you insist on knowing everything about them? No of course you don’t. You want to get to know them gradually. Unless that is you are a nosey parker! In which case, the chances are that the other person will lose interest if you get too pushy, and move on. When you meet a character in a book, treat the encounter the way you would in real life. Be grateful for what I give you and fill in the rest by picking up clues in the book and using your imagination!

If you are one of those individuals who prefer to read pages and pages of agonising detail with little or no action, may I suggest that you stick to the writers of yesteryear.

I hate to break it to you but writing has moved on. We are now living in the twenty-first century, not the nineteenth! Today’s pace of life is such that before we know it, the world has changed beyond recognition and already passed us by. Hence the need for fast paced writing to capture the average busy modern individual’s fleeting attention span within two minutes or less…

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