George Orwell: What’s in a Name?

On Eric Blair…

words and music and stories

George Orwell, pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair, was born on 25 June 1903 in Motihari, Bengal (now Bihar), British India

English novelist, essayist, and critic, his work is characterised by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice, and strong opposition to totalitarianism. His most famous novels are “Animal Farm” a satire which allegorically depicts Stalin’s betrayal of the Russian revolution on 1917 and “Nineteen Eighty-four” ,a profound anti-utopian novel that examines the dangers of a totalitarian government.

When Eric Blair was getting ready to publish his first work, “Down and Out in Paris and London”, he decided to use a pen name so his family wouldn’t be embarrassed by his time in poverty.

The book was an account of his tramping days in England, particularly in the hop fields of Kent, and of the poverty he endured while living in Paris trying to write novels. Furthermore, at the time…

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4 thoughts on “George Orwell: What’s in a Name?

  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to this interesting post, Jack. I have visited and shared the original article. I first read 1984 in braille and still have it on my bookshelves in my bedroom. It runs to 5 braille volumes. But, unfortunately volume 1 was lost some time back. However, I have not the heart to throw it away. Kevin

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