Through the Dawn into the Light

I’m with you my brother…


We might be sleeping, and when we die, we will awaken; unknown!

I must count the years since you left this Earth (or as you called it in your book: changing the level!) to find out how long it passed because these don’t mean to me as I have the feeling it was yesterday. (Tonight, we enter the sixteenth year of separation, although our reunion is getting closer.)

You’ve written many things about death and have many versions. I have found some of your notes on this, though some were hard to discern. ( Mostly, you were drunk when you wrote them and called them “Schnapsideen”, according to Germans!) But they all show your efforts to definite this great puzzle: the death.

The last days in Tehran. At the left is a very close friend of ours, a great late actor; they are now together– blessing!

“Death is psychologically as…

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