Das Böse ( The Evil) The Temptation.

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Lovis Corinth La Tentation de St Antoine

You dread the depths; it should horrify you since the way of what is to come leads through it. You must endure the temptation of fear and doubt and, at the same time, acknowledge to the bone that your fear is justified and your doubt is reasonable. How otherwise / could it be a true temptation and a true overcome?
Christ totally overcomes the temptation of evil, but not the temptation of God to good and reason. Christ thus succumbs to cursing.
You still have to learn this, to succumb to no temptation, but to do everything of your own will; then, you will be free and beyond Christianity.

Carl Jung; The Red Book: On The Service Of The Soul, P. 139 -Lieber Primus fol. ii{v}

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