The Internet Evil

Trolls, they’re still around…

Have We Had Help?

Since book publishers have made it possible for members of the general public to review books on the internet, it has opened a can of particularly evil worms.

More and more these days, ordinary men and women are joining the ranks of the internet’s growing legion of Trolls.

If you met them, I’m sure you would find that they differ little from yourselves with one notable exception. When they are in the privacy of their homes, their personality changes totally. They become vindictive, mean minded creatures who delight in delivering their attacks hidden behind the cloak of anonymity the internet allows them.

Daily they pour out their bile, believing that what they say about a specific book actually matters. There are some who would argue that a troll’s review shows an opposite view, and therefore offers potential readers a balanced set of opinions.

Recognised literary critics offer alternative, usually balanced…

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