How to: Tell a subordinate to bugger off

Thank God those days are long gone for me!

Store Manager of the Year

If you’re a professional manager in a professional environment, swearing at subordinates is probably something you’ve rarely done or never done.

But, you’re human like the rest of the team. You’re not a robot. You eat, sleep, fart and piss like the best of them. Yet, somehow, the general population of your team thinks you have no feelings. You’re hard as nails. You think about work when at home. You wake up in the morning and instantly plot a plan to ruin one poor sod’s day.

It’s also widely believed that you have no problems, no personal dilemmas, no concerns or worries. Yes, you live to work and you’re here to make unpopular decisions which you secretly enjoy.

Nobody asks how YOU are. Yet, you are inundated on a daily basis with trivial problems, moans and groans and self entitled speeches.

The next time you don’t feel up to it…

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