Business As Unusual!

State pensions – what an insult for a lifetime of work!!!


To put it bluntly, I have some heavy projects (might be for me!?) for publishing here on my WordPress page. They are some topics from Carl Jung to translate, but as I mentioned before, I am involved in the happening in my birth country, Iran, and the uprising of young women and men.

When discussing my busy time, my friends think about work, which is normal. When everybody says: I am hard at work, they talk about their jobs. It is the standard form of life, but I do say that I am not normal! I could never ever do what I wished!!
What I desired to do was not possible, and what I’ve done most of my life was to do something unwanted. In Iran, I was a journalist, but they closed down all the free press; I tried to be an actor and almost succeeded in making a…

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How Do You Write a Book?

Timeless advice…

Have We Had Help?

As readers, have you ever wondered how we writers go about creating the book you have just read? We all have our own particular way of going about it.
Don’t believe me? Then simply ask a dozen writers and you will get a dozen slightly different answers. But, while we all may take a different approach, fundamentally we must follow the same rules of grammar and punctuation combined with the mechanics of plot to achieve the objective – that novel sitting in your hands which you just can’t put down.
I have begun to write the sequel to my best selling novel “The Seventh Age”, an adventure tale with a modicum of sci-fi thrown in for good measure.
The idea for the sequel came from one particular incident in ‘Seventh’, where the hero, the archaeologist Dr Nick Palmer, found a long forgotten library in Egypt, far older in fact…

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Pectoral with the Throne Name of Tutankhamun

Lovely primitive jewelry…


This is a masterpiece of pectoral from the collection of Tutankhamun. It is a pectoral decorated in a complex way: the central part of the pectoral, which represents the king’s throne name (or prenomen), consists in the middle of a large lapis lazuli scarab. Below it is the hieroglyphic sign “neb”, which resembles a basket inlaid with blue glass; above this are the solar and lunar disks made of electrum.

Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun (1340-1331 B.C.) in November 1922. The pharaoh died at the age of 19; his mummy was in a solid gold coffin placed inside two wooden coffins drink. These three coffins were in a quartzite sarcophagus with a red granite lid. Around the sarcophagus, fit into each other, four chapels in gilded wood entirely occupied the room of the sarcophagus.

Winged Scarab Pectoral with the Throne Name of Tutankhamun. Photo: Kenneth Garrett

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Grubscrew reborn.

Love this tale. Well done …

Tallis Steelyard

Tyloran I’ve known for many years. His status has always been dubious. He was a travelling tinker, but that left many of his skills unsung. He was a ‘camp follower’ in that for a lot of this time he followed in the train of one or the other of the great Condottieri captains from Port Naain. This sounds grander than it is, as I doubt very much whether any of them knew Tyloran had graced their force with his presence. Still, I suspect that the sergeant who was supposed to keep the train in some sort of order was aware of his presence and was grateful for it.
Now the term ‘camp follower’ has many unwelcome connotations. Camp followers are normally assumed to be women ‘no better than they ought to be’ (but still do sterling work cooking and nursing). Whilst the men are assumed to be card sharps, corrupt…

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London In Colour 1970-1971: The Photos Of David Wisdom

After the Pea Souper’s, London needed brightening up!!!


David Wisdom took these pictures in 1970 and 1971 while he was sharing a luxury flat in Holly Hill, Hampstead with a group of friends from Vancouver. He was born in post-war England to a couple of touring actors of the repertory stage. In 1952 he moved to Vancouver with his parents, and has spent most of his life there.

All photos © David Wisdom

Evangelical street preachers in Trafalgar Square.

Primrose Gardens. An up-market area in North London.

A fashionable woman attracting attention on Kings Road, Chelsea.

Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park. Traditionally a place where people would promote their beliefs in public.

A seasonal funfair in North London.

Street busker with his trained parrot. The bird would hold the cup for any donation money.

Elderly shoppers at a busy street market.

The last shop trading in Stepney Green.

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Nowruz Again, but in Another Kind!

Persian New Year…


Nowruz, which falls on the spring equinox to the minute every year, a 13-day celebration of the Persian New Year, will fall this spring too. But I am convinced that it will be in some other kind.

>>In every home, the haftseen table is decorated with seven items â€“ since seven is considered a lucky number. Each item begins with the letter sin (s) in Persian, and each item is a symbol of spring and renewal.<<

Iran’s revolution enters 7th month as night rallies erupt in different cities. With all this, they celebrated the traditional Chaharshanbe Suri (the evening to the last Wednesday of the year. It is like the Easter celebration, with fire and fireworks welcoming spring, light and warmth.), which was also the other kind! In this condition, brave Iranian women and men do fight. They are even breaking their new year celebration or renouncing their traditional…

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Striving for More…

From Barb…

Barb Caffrey's Blog

There are some days (weeks, months, years) that are better than others. And then, there are the days, etc., that I’ve been putting up with the past few months.

This is why the bloglet for today is entitled “Striving for More.” Because that’s literally what I’ve been doing for the past six weeks, along with “working to tolerance” and “resting whenever needed.”

The trouble with all of these things is, I can clearly see what I want and need to be doing. The energy’s not there yet, but my vision of what should be has returned. I know from past experiences, health-wise, that this particular facility shows up when I’ve almost completely recovered. It does so because there’s now enough energy to realize how sick I was, and how much I need to do now to make up for the time I couldn’t help but lose to illness.

In other…

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A Short Story Idea

Still thinking the complications of this premise through…

Have We Had Help?

Just once in my long life I had a proper holiday. Back in 2002 I treated myself to a glorious month living in a hotel in St Julians in Malta. Never before had I ever spent time, let alone so much money when I was working. Instead my life consisted of going back and forth to my home, or maybe a day at the beach occasionally, both here in the UK, or back when I lived in New Zealand. I even hated going into town shopping. Still do to this day. Thank god for my laptop, Buying online is a boon!

The very idea of parting with my hard earned money to travel to an exotic location was anathema to me, let alone staying in a four star hotel. All my adult life I’d been obsessed with just keeping the Wolf from the door. Neither of my parents had ever…

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