A Message To The Slackers

No matter what other people may say, don’t do it!!!!!!!!

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If you get a free copy of any book, it behoves you to at least read it!


Unfortunately for independant writers, the downright miserly of this world will never deign to purchase a copy of anything you write. Instead they wait for a free copy to become available. Which brings me to the free giveaway of my latest scifi novella last month. So far out of the one hundred and five free copies of The Guardian taken up, it has received a grand total of five reviews – two five star, two four star and one three star. Does that mean that only five people read it? You could be forgiven for thinking so.

I can just hear the weak-willed apologists right now saying something like “ah but they probably have it on their TBR lists. Besides, reading a book, let alone reviewing it, is not compulsory.” To which…

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Review: “PorterGirl: Footsteps of the Templar” by Lucy Brazier

Review: “PorterGirl: Footsteps of the Templar” by Lucy Brazier

Our Lucy does it again, bless her…


I’m delighted to present my review for this hugely entertaining and simply brilliant book.  Lucy and her books have been on my blog several times and I just can’t get enough.

We’re back in Old College with the bunch of academics and associates that often do everything but educate others.

The toxic Dean, an obsessive Bursar, the Porter team and some new characters, including an eccentric American professor, on this occasion on their search of a precious historical item that may or may not be located on the College grounds.

Having watched my husband reading the book in almost one sitting on the beach I grabbed it as soon as he had finished and got sucked into it in the same way. The search involves travel to France – always good for a few jokes, some coincidences including an annoying police man on holiday, a few people with what I…

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About idiots and other low lifes…

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With the introduction of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, at one time or another we have all read diatribes by people with a particular axe to grind regarding publishing.
The authors of these endless rants have created their very own hobbyhorse, which they seem unable, or indeed unwilling, to dismount. Reading something from them once or twice may be interesting or even thought provoking. But when they endlessly bleat on ad infinitum, using the same tired arguments simply because of their particular hatred towards an institution, or someones particular point of view, it becomes tiresome in the extreme.
One person of my acquaintance who constantly attacks a specific book publisher (mine as it happens) – not their own I may add, simply because they hate the way the said publisher has now become dominant in the marketplace, and has allowed self-published writers like myself to offer our work…

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What happens in school stays in school?

I got detention again!!!

Jim Webster

what happens in school stays in school

Teaching is my families other profession. My mother, sister and various cousins all taught for a living. So by adding their memories to mine I’ve seen schools evolve from 1948 to now. The world my mother entered is probably unrecognisable now. At teacher training college after the war, the college held one dance per term. The RAF officer cadets from a nearby training school were invited.

Young ladies sat along one wall of the dance floor, young gentlemen sat down the opposite wall. The RAF officer commanding and the Lady College Principal sat on the stage, each with their second in command to act as a runner. Should a gentleman wish to dance with a lady, he would go up onto the stage, ask his officer commanding, who would in turn ask the principal, who would send her second in command to collect the young lady in question. They would…

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A disappointing read

It’s rare for me to write a review like this one…

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The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the AmazonThe Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon by David Grann

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.0 out of 5 stars The Lost City of Z – what a con!, 15 Jan 2013
Jack Eason

Amazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Lost City of Z: A Legendary British Explorer’s Deadly Quest to Uncover the Secrets of the Amazon (Kindle Edition)

As a student of history, I was seriously disappointed with the Lost City of Z for two reasons.

First of all, the book is supposed to be about Colonel Fawcett’s last abortive expedition into the Matto Grosso, not about a writer who believes his own life is more fascinating than the subject of his book! No one gives a damn about your personal reminiscences.

Anyone who takes four chapters before he begins telling the background to his subject’s story…

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Ranting and Moaning

For all dog lovers…


I don’t wake up every morning thinking ‘What can I complain about today?’, I assure you. But given the amount of griping I get through in an average year, you might be forgiven for thinking I do just that. I blame the weather of course. I’m sure if I didn’t live in the English county of Atlantis, I might be a lot happier, and less inclined to bang on about things.

“So what is rattling your chain, Pete?” I hear you cry.

The ongoing issue of dog poo continues to irritate. So many people are not picking up after their dogs these days, they are getting the rest of us a bad name. Poo bags are exceptionally cheap, so there is no excuse not to take any on your dog walks. Yes, I know grabbing a pile of warm poo through a reversed bag is a far from pleasant task…

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