Open Book Blog Hop – 1st June

Open Book Blog Hop – 1st June

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Stevie Turner

Welcome to this week’s blog hop.  Today the topic is:

Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

There’s a couple of reasons that each book of mine stands on its own.  Firstly I have to write the buggers so I have to like what I’m doing.  My preference is to be able to chop and change genres according to what my mood is at the time.  It’s  exciting for me when I’ve thought up a new plot, and this plot might have young, middle aged or old characters in it according to what I want them to do.  I know I’d get bored wittering on about the same old character, and at the end of each book I like to put all my characters to bed, so to speak. Secondly,  I don’t…

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A Confession Of Love

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In these last days and hours before my final breath may I, Gordon Richard Carlson, lay my guilt and thoughts before you as a matter of conscience, if not regret, so that I might meet my maker free of worldly deceit, if nothing else.

I was, and largely remained, a man of detail, head of the Office Of Statistical Analysis in the county where I live. My wife also worked because I was, by her own admission, incapable of supporting a household of any standing by myself.

She was punctilious in all matters of social standing and appearance, insuring maintenance of the marital home in everything but intimacy: no carpet was uncleaned or dish unwashed, no book undusted, though not read, and everything maintained to standards of unfeeling excellence I always thought. Does that sound too bitter or too harsh?

To me she was correct in everything which did not…

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What Are The Odds?


When it comes to what makes a best seller in the ebook world, there are a few important points to consider. First of all, your book(s) are up against literally millions of others out there. At Amazon alone they already have over six million titles quietly mouldering in their catalogue – mine among them…

Take my favoured genres – Science Fiction and archaeological adventure. While the first is by far my favourite, none of my titles have fared better than a few dozen sales. As for the second I did strike it lucky with my Race Against Time selling over two hundred and fifty thousand copies back in 2012. Since then – nothing. By industry standards it was nothing but average. However by Self Publishing standards it was quite literally one out of the box. It was a fluke. I picked up on something millions of gullible new agers fervently believed. I refer to the then widely held conviction that according to the Mayan calendar the world would endObviously it didn’t happen. But from my perspective it made one hell of a scenario to write about!

These days I’m lucky if I sell one copy of one of my titles each month, even though like millions of others i’m constantly advertising my works via FaceBook, Twitter and here on my blog. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that having briefly tasted success I want more. Of course I do. I am a writer and entirely human!

One last thing – what appealed to all those who bought a copy of Race? Not what the cover looked like. The story sold itself!!! Click on the two highlighted links to take you to one of the Amazon sites and to the National Geographic article about the Mayan Calendar. Don’t just forget them.

Sir Tom Moore: Knight of the Realm

Our nation’s favourite OAP


Not long after the news media began to tell us about the impact of the Coronavirus pressures on the staff of the NHS, there was a feature about an elderly man who was hoping to raise £1,000 to donate to NHS charities in their honour. Known as Captain Tom Moore, he was a 99 year-old retired man who had served as an Army Captain in WW2, with the famous ‘Forgotten Fourteenth’ Army in Burma. With limited mobility now, and using a wheeled walking frame, he was determined to walk one hundred circuits of his garden, before his 100th birthday.

Using a donation page set up by his family, he quickly raised that money, and much more besides. So much more, that he decided to keep on walking until the actual day of his 100th birthday.

By the time that day dawned, he had raised over £30 MILLION pounds!

That huge…

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