The Birth of the Kindle

Still got your Kindle?

David Gaughran

The 10th birthday of the Kindle was on Sunday, which has been met with all sorts of retrospectives. Getting less coverage is that it’s also the tenth anniversary of Amazon’s self-publishing platform. In this excerpt from the forthcoming third edition of Let’s Get Digital, I argue that the real revolution is something else again which is also ten years’ old this month: the Kindle Store itself, which didn’t just open up publishing by allowing anyone to sell their books, it also democratized which books get recommended.

I’ll be posting in more detail about the launch, and the two books on marketing which will follow. Digital 3 won’t be available as a free update like last time, as that caused way too many problems. However, I will be making the pre-order available for 99¢ so that anyone can update for the minimum possible cost.

Sign up here to get an…

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Red roses

This is so poignant, so touching…

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Monday 20th November

Red roses for my love

Looking down from heaven above

Red roses for my darling

Up there your star is sparkling

Red roses for my boy

You filled our hearts with joy

Red roses for my son

Whose earthly life is done

Red roses for my Angel

I’d give more if I were able

Wish you could have more than this

A gentle hug, a mother’s kiss

Love you forever

Treasured son


The incoming tide around Smeaton’s Pier

Sunshine on the houses with dark clouds behind

Harbour panorama

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The Wrapper Returns.

A little something from our David 😉



Up at 2.07 am this morning. Not too bad maybe as I managed to turn my light out at 11.30 pm last night. I know my legs haven’t been treated since Thursday last, but I swear I caught a whiff of damp goat as I was waking. So it’s either my toesies have halitoesis or Somnos has been sending his brother round again.                                                                      At 3.00 am I went through to the kitchen to have my meds then some breakfast. Just some toast again but it was enough. I set the washing machine going, then made a coffee to take back to work. I was keeping an eye on the time to put the clothes on…

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Slow Puncture

I’m with Pete on this one…


Last week, I left a friend’s house to discover that I had a flat tyre on my car. This is one of those 7-seat people carrier vehicles that does not come equipped with a spare. Instead, they supply a tube of goo that is supposed to seal it, and a mini-compressor designed to inflate it enough to get you home. They may not have considered being in the pitch dark on a country lane in Norfolk, when they came up with that idea, I’m guessing. Nothing for it, but to call the car recovery club, and have the car, and us, taken home on the back of their truck.

The next day, I called a well-known national tyre company, and arranged for them to come out on Monday, and replace the flat tyre at home. I wasn’t about to consider filling it full of black goo, and attempting to drive…

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Why Your Favorite Author Probably Can’t Give You a Free Book

For those who hate to buy a book!!!

Bethany House Fiction

It’s a dilemma that many in my circles are puzzling over: in today’s world, authors have nearly limitless creativity and research sources and opportunities to get their stories out to a wider audience…but fewer people are willing to pay for them.

I’m an administrator for a few dozen authors’ Facebook pages, and from time to time I glimpse notifications of another message with the same question, phrased in a few different ways: “Why is your book (or ebook) so expensive?”

If you’ve ever wondered that yourself—and I don’t blame you, because I did too before I started working in publishing—here are a few thoughts that authors probably want to say but feel they can’t, because it seems a little too direct, a little too self-serving (even though it really isn’t).

It’s the same reason restaurant owners can’t give you a free dinner: because that’s how they make a living. Sure…

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Notes from a small dog: The Houdini effect or how to worry your human

Calling all dogs!!!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

No, I am not ill, no matter what she might think.  I just like to keep her on her toes a bit.

You know what she’s like, into all this sickology stuff. I thought I’d have a go at it too. She’s always going on about how easy it is to fall into habits and such… so I thought I should put her theories to the test. Give her a taste of her own flea tablets, you know?

So, not only did I not eat my own dinner, I didn’t eat hers either. Or the bit of cheese she offered me. That made her stop and think. To be fair, I’d already had some fish and some treats, so I wasn’t really all that hungry… thought I’d save it for later… You’ve no idea how uppity she can get when she treads on cold, buttered toast in the dark…


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