Its Time To Pay The Piper!


Yesterday’s Chapter of Onet’s Tale was the last. Whether you appreciate the fact or not, thanks to my generosity of spirit I gave each and every one of you the privilege of reading a one of a kind novel, one chapter at a time, written in 2003 by myself then briefly published in 2010 before being pulled by the publisher when I left them after a dispute over their reluctance to pay royalties owed.

Now here’s the thing, according to WordPress’ stats, confirmed by Google Analytics, the number of you who actually took advantage of my offer, to say the least is pathetically small. Out of the five hundred and twenty people who currently follow this blog, only three actually read and commented as well as ‘Liking’. One of you from the prologue to the end. One is approximately nine tenths the way through as she catches up. The third is a late starter, still working his way through the early chapters. Together with one other person, two of them reblogged each chapter, for which I thank them.

What I need to know is how many of the few others who ‘Liked’ each chapter, actually read them? When I began posting Onet’s Tale over sixty days ago, I asked this exact same question of one fellow writer of my acquaintance. Unbelievably she informed me that she just ‘Liked’ because she did it out of respect. When I asked her if she had actually read the chapters she ‘Liked’, she replied that she hadn’t!

How can you possibly ‘Like’ a blog post unless you have taken the opportunity to actually read it in the first place. It makes no sense whatsoever! Her completely illogical response is why I’m now asking the few others who ‘Liked’ each chapter, other than the three who took the trouble to read the chapters as I published them, and then ‘Like’, did you actually read the book at least in part, or not?

We all know that while there are millions who still love to read, the majority who class themselves as writers these days, especially on all forms of Social Media – appear not too. Instead they pontificate endlessly on the English language and its use. In other words they do everything but write.

Whereas one or two of us like myself and my fellow authors Adele Marie Park, Bob Van Laerhoven and Derek Haines, are actually the genuine article. We don’t spend our entire time just talking about writing. We are writers in the truest sense of the word.

Now back to the totally illogical practice of ‘Liking’ blog posts. The whole concept of why people do it without reading the post(s) first, is utterly beyond me. After all, you wouldn’t ‘Like’ or dislike a sculpture, painting or play without first familiarising yourself with it first!

All I’m asking is that you try to break a bad habit. Start with this post. Don’t just click ‘Like’ – comment on it for goodness sake! Even if as one of the so-called writers out there who follow my blog, you completely disagree.

One thing is abundantly clear. I’m not the only one needing answers as to why it is people feel compelled to ‘Like’ blog posts, but neither read nor comment. Help me and everyone else make sense of this nonsensicle practice.

As for the fact that only three people actually read, or are currently still reading Onet’s Tale. It makes me wonder why people bother to ‘follow’ my blog, or anyone else’ for that matter, if they have no intention of reading the posts we provide. Perhaps seeing how many blogs you can follow is today’s equivalent of collecting stamps…


 Now I’m going back to where I had got up to in Frederiche Nietzsche’ “Thus Spoke Zaresthustra”, before I began posting Onet’s Tale for you, two months ago.  😉

It’s confession time – well almost


To all of you who have yet to retire, take it from me when I say I thoroughly recommend it.

All of my adult life I worked for someone else. Who benefited the most from the relationship? In each case they did. Before you start, yes I know I should consider myself fortunate to have been in constant employment, receiving a weekly wage from my sixteenth until my fifty-fifth year, when I was eventually considered too old for the  labour market, winding up on the scrap heap back in 2003, along with millions of others.

By the bye, I don’t envy anyone looking for full-time employment in these days of below minimum wage zero hours work contracts…

Despite being bitter at the time, eventually I looked upon it as the best thing that happened to me, even though the next ten years were tough financially when I was left with no choice but to rely on the dole. I’d been paying into Social Security all my life. So I had no problem with getting some of my contributions back. I’ve never understood the sniffy attitude of some people who think it’s somehow shameful to accept a helping hand when we need it, especially when part of everyone’s wages are set aside for that specific purpose.

Do I miss not being in the working force? Hell no! To an independant (some might say rebellious) spirit like myself, having to spend eight to twelve hours a day from Monday to Friday or even seven days a week, endlessly doing the same damned thing day in, day out, not forgetting to always expect the boss to bitch about something or other, was anathema to me.

Since I officially reached retirement age a couple of years ago, I no longer have to rely on the dole. Nowadays I get my State pension, something else I contributed to all of my working life. Compared with what I use to earn, it’s a mere pittance. But I can live on it – just. To hear the way some politicians rave on, you would be forgiven for thinking that retirees like myself are a burden on society. Complete poppycock! All of our lives we worked hard. We’re entitled to take it easy. It still rankles with me that I had to wait until my sixty-fifth year to finally achieve my goal of complete independance from the day to day drudgery that everyone old enough to work has to endure for decades.

Nowadays I’m no longer bored stupid working for someone else. I get up when I want, go to bed when I want and do what I want when I want – well almost. As a lot of you will already know, I now have a new boss. It’s called The Written Word. Compared to my former employers it leaves them in it’s dust when it comes to making demands on my time. Being its willing slave occupies ninety-nine percent of my time, writing novellas and novels. The remaining one percent is divided between enjoying life, eating, sleeping and blogging. Oh, I almost forgot to add that I’m also a long time video gamer. So as you can see there is an awful lot to squeeze into the remaining one percent of my time.

Regarding my blog – which is this one by the way, (I thought I’d point that out for those among us who are known to be a bit slow on the uptake), as of today I just need one more blog follower to finally reach four hundred.

I started blogging back in February 2010 on Google’s Blogger. How many people got to read my ramblings meant nothing at the time. Way back then, the whole concept of a blog was totally alien to me. The fact that my then publisher warned against doing it, was a good enough reason to go ahead from my point of view. If anyone like him is stupid enought to start dictating what I should and should not do, I’ll do the opposite every time!

It wasn’t until I deserted Blogger for the good ship WordPress that my posts began to be read, and as a consequence the number of people who wanted to follow/read what I had to say has slowly but surely increased. At the time of writing this, the number of people following my blog stands at three hundred and ninety-nine. Once I reach four hundred, its all ahead full for the next port – five hundred.

One last thing, I would very much like to thank all of you who follow my blog. Without you it would simply fade into obscurity.

Thanks once again

PS – I went to bed at eight o’clock last night, It’s now 01.38. The content of this post woke me at midnight LOL 

Now in 2020 I have 909 followers….


❤ xxx

The First Version Of The Hook


Ok folks, if you have been keeping up with my blog, you will have already read my previous post on the subject of the Hook. If not here is it’s link –

Now then, all I need from the three hundred and twenty-two people who currently follow my blog is for you all to read through the first version of the Hook shown below.

Don’t just click ‘like’ and move on, or ignore it. Here is your one and only chance to partake in the birth of a new novel. I really need your totally unbiased opinions. Even if science fiction does nothing for you, I still want to know whether or not the Hook works. In other words did it get your attention to the point where you want to know more? One other thing, forget about the character names. At this stage of the proceedings, they are very temporary. I just used them to give you the two character’s points of view.


   Dark pitiless eyes surveyed the scene one last time. Satisfied that the threat was eliminated, it turned to head back to its hiding place. Something on one of the screens temporarily caught its attention. More trouble was on the way down to the surface.
  “Why us?” Cal grumbled. Like Mike he already knew the answer. Tradition demands that the questions be asked by anyone crazy enough to have agreed to be sent on a mission like this. Both men were ex-military. Mike was a former sergeant in the Military Police, while Cal was an ex fighter pilot, making them ideal as trouble-shooters in the eyes of the company, even though they were not expected to survive. If they managed to work out what had happened, all well and good. If not, someone else would be sent in their place. “What’s so all-fired important about an automated mining operation on Mars?” Cal continued, “and why the hell are we on this stinking ancient solar transporter. Why didn’t they get us seats on something more luxurious for the trip?”
“Quit bellyaching will you! Even though the system is automated, techs are still needed to keep an eye on the machinery and fix things when they break. Plus the ore has to be taken from the surface up to the space port to be loaded aboard unmanned transporters like this one for the return journey to Earth, which means someone has to fly the cargo shuttles. The whole operation demands that a small population lives in an accommodation block down inside the mine in Valles Marineris. According to the company, the last load of ore to arrive back home was six months ago. Before that the mine was sending regular monthly consignments. We’re being sent to find out why the operation has stopped. Any more questions? No? Good. Now let’s get down there.”


Ok, now you have read it, please think about it first, then leave your opinions below in the comments section. No idiotic ones thanks TSRA. For me, and every other published writer, this is a serious game. None of us are in it for the laughs – there are non to be had.

PS – until I’ve read all of your comments, I won’t continue on with the first chapter. So get busy, please..