February 15th is the date for Céleste’s public release


With just four days to go before Céleste is released to the general public, you now have just three more days to pre-order your copy.


“Falling in love is always complicated especially for a disembodied artificial intelligence like Céleste, aboard the exploratory spaceship Apkallu. For her to be able to physically express her love for the man who means so much to her will be impossible to achieve, or will it?”

Find out what happens for yourselves when you read my science fiction romance – Céleste


Eason’s best work yet, his new book Céleste combines romance and science fiction in a story that has a twist on every page – Nicholas Rossis

Romance beyond the stars abounds in this sensuous sci-fi, entwined with mission, morals and lust. Eason takes us to a place where human desire dwells in mankind and aliens alike, no matter how many light years away – D.G. Kaye

Jack Eason never rests. When he is not knee deep in archaeology, or wandering around forests in elf fables, he is busy combining sci-fi with a little added romantic spice – Derek Haines


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Does a book’s blurb contribute to its success, or its failure?


My friend and fellow writer, Debby Gies


My Antipodean mate and fellow writer, Derek Haines


As my old friend Derek has said many times in the past, if you have bothered to pay strict attention to his many blog posts on the subject, instead of merely liking them and moving on as so many of you do, the one area every writer always tends to overlook is a book’s blurb. Apart from reading reviews, what the potential reader really needs to make up their mind to buy your book, is a blurb that leaves them wanting to know more.

On thursday I wrote what I hoped would be a good one. It was total rubbish. All it would have done is put people off wanting to read Céleste. So when I asked him, Derek suggested another. After I’d played around with it for a while, adding one tiny element from my original effort, I then asked my friend, the gorgeous Debby Gies what she thought about it. It made perfect sense to me to not only get Derek’s help on getting the Key Words right, but to also have the point of view of a female writer whose opinion I value highly, especially since my latest offering is a love story.

This is how it looks at present, short, sharp, and to the point:


Falling in love is always complicated, particularly when you are an artificial intelligence like Céleste. To be able to physically express her love for the man who means so much to her is not going to be easy to achieve in the depths of the Milky Way, or is it?


Whether or not it turns out to be the blurb’s final incarnation, I’d still be interested to hear your views on it folks. Does it make you curious enough to want to buy a copy?

If you want to have your say in the ultimate version of Céleste’s blurb, please let me know your thoughts on the subject. I promise that all sensible suggestions will be taken into consideration.

Even while writing this post I’ve changed the wording of the blurb slightly…

More later,