How to deal with faceless bureaucrats!!!

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A few days ago the bureaucrats in charge of BBC IPlayer cut my viewing of the channel via my PS4/ Standard TV/Surround Sound system. They insisted that for me to continue watching, all I had to do was register, either online or by phone. So using this laptop I did just that. I followed their instructions to the letter. But all I succeeded in doing was making it available via this laptop’s small screen.

Not willing to quit, plus being a long standing licence payer, not to mention seeing red, I began a thorough search for any information on how to liven a PS4’s access. Meanwhile I emailed the B’s. This was the first email:

Despite following your instructions to enter the code, it is only for this laptop and a compliant tv. My tv isn’t… I have always used my PS4 to do so. Now I can’t anymore. Please make it possible to enter a code via my PS4. This laptop’s screen is too small. Plus my PS4 is also wired in to an excellent stereo system while this lap top is not!!!!

A few days went by before I heard from them again after I had sent the following email:

For gods sake people, how long does it take you to install an onscreen QWERTY Keboard on your PS4 BBC IPlayer application to add your random code so that this seventy year old licence payer can liven it like this laptop to watch my favourite programs in the mornings once again via my tv which is directly wired to my PS4???

Then wonder of wonders I was contacted via email by the only human being working for the BBC who sympathised with my plight.  He told me to first go to my BBC account and then go to where I had uploaded the onscreen code for this laptop. But this time fire up my PS4 link to get its code.

Guess what – it worked instantly!!! Why the hell the bureaucrats didn’t spell this out in the first place beats the hell out of me? As for their lame duck reason for stopping licence payers from using IPlayer being that they need to encourage more people to dig into the BBC archives. I have one thing to say to that – BULLDUST!!!