Progress Report 6


The story might be located here

Well, chapter one is done and dusted until I reach the end and begin the inevitable rewrite. I started writing chapter two a couple of days back. Trying to tell you the reader a story without giving too much away isn’t easy. I’m applying the ‘Red Herring’ approach a lot this time. After all, we can’t have you thinking “I’ve cracked it!” within the first few chapters now can we.

What I will say is that at the moment, the story involves Dr Gilbert Briggs and a geologist travelling back in time to several key locations, in his quest to discover if the subject of endless debate down the centuries actually existed. So what is it I hear you cry? That’s for me to know and for you through Gilbert’s eyes, to find out. As for its location, that’s if you think you might know…

One other thing I can tell you is that the story quite possibly involves ‘ancient gods’, race memory and ancient cataclysms across the world. I’ve changed the working title once more. This time just one word –  Cataclysm. For now it suites my thinking.

This time round I’m only writing a couple of hundred words each day before going back through them to ensure you don’t become convinced you know what’s going to happen next. As for character conversations, first of all I just write what I want them to say before changing the words so that even when they are having a conversation, your still left guessing. Then I stop for a few hours to think things through, usually by playing my favourite video game Mass Effect 3. Doing something completely different to take my mind of things helps enormously.

More later.

PS Even writing this post, I’ve had to rewrite it several times for the reasons stated above. Devious or what?


How Complicated Should Your Blog Be?


Having been at it for a good few years now, I am always struck by just how fussy many blogs are. What do I mean by fussy – overly complicated!

Many bloggers, particularly new writers, believe that they must add endless details to their blogs, such as apps to show all of their followers as well as their book covers. Not forgetting things like photo archives. The list is endless. Take it from me, you don’t need to add countless numbers of apps. If you do, to anyone encountering your blog for the first time, all you will do is confuse them. The first thing any reader should see is the post! Anything that distracts the reader’s eye from your post is counterproductive. It’s bad enough that blog systems like WordPress and Google’s Blogger, insert adverts. Thankfully in WordPress’ case, they restrict the add to below each post.

Unless your blog is an alternative advertising source like The Storyreading Apes’ excellent blog where he introduces writers to one another as well as potential readers, or Derek Haines’ WhizzBuzz where writers pay him to advertise their work, its far better to follow the ‘KISS’ principal (Keep It Simple Stupid).

All you will find on mine is the blog title, header picture, archives and posts, plus a short list of the best places I have found to ‘share’ a post as well as the ‘Like’ button, and hopefully the gravatars of followers who like a specific post. Not forgetting highlighted links.

I prefer using this tried and true method. You will note that I do not use a coloured background either. Why? Because reading black print on a white background makes it far easier to read the text of each post. Populating your blog background with dark colours is never a good idea. Yes, you may like it. But once you have created it, your blog is no longer your own. It becomes public property. Sooner or later, if you are lucky, people will like what you have to say and follow it. Always providing that they find it easy to read, and navigate their way around.

So, think about it. There is a lot to be said for a clean looking easy to read blog…