Answer me this if you can?

The other day I posted the following on my Facebook page:

They say you are what you eat. Following that totally ilogical way of thinking, I am Gouda, Bacon, Eggs and Chips.

Why is it that total miseries who claim their know best, disapprovingly shake their heads at the rest of us who prefer to eat real food, not dietary supplements and other complete nonsenses?

According to people like them, I’m doomed because I love the following mix of basic foodstuffs. Do I feel unhealthy? Not a damned bit of it!





All answers on a thick piece of buttered toast please…


Bureaucratic Bungling


You have to wonder sometimes why bureaucrats are given free reign to come up with some of their totally crackpot decisions. Take the EU for instance. Someone within the organisation decided that it would be a good idea to ban the humble vacuum cleaner if its motor exceeds 1600 watts. This idiocy came into effect on the first of this month.

So very soon what took you maybe a couple of hours to do will take much longer. If it is the EU’s intention that by banning normal vacuum cleaners, you will save power, think again! Common sense decrees that keeping one of the approved vacuum cleaners going longer, no matter the amount of power it uses, will either negate the intended power saving, or, more than likely increase the amount used!

Then there is the EU directive on carcinogens.

While I applaud anyone who does something positive to prevent exposure to carcinogens in the workplace, one unbelievably stupid thing about the way the EU approaches the subject when talking about prevention in the home was recently made public here in the UK via a prominent food technologist. In their drive to prevent exposure, or in this particular case, ingestion, the EU warned against the use of barbecues, grills and toasters. Or, to put it another way, what they actually said was that to eat anything cooked on a barbecue or grill, or to toast a piece of bread until its slightly blackened will expose you to carcinogens when you eat the foods in question. I hate to tell you this EU, but when you dictate how anyone should cook their food, you cross the line! A lot of people like eating well cooked food.

God almighty, how soon will it be before the EU bureaucrats ban any form of barbecue, grilling unit or toaster I wonder?

What’s the betting that whoever came up with these notions without thinking them through properly was promoted. But then again, the norm in any governmental organisation is to promote stupidity…

You Are What You Eat


In the late forties early fifties when I was a small child, for me, a real treat was to be had the day after my mother had cooked a roast. Back then money was scarce. Food rationing, brought in during the Second World War, was still going on. Like a lot of women living during those years of austerity, she wasted nothing. Even the liquid that had leached out of the roasted meat was saved. We used to call it dripping. Don’t ask me why, but that’s what I’ve always known it as.

To a baby boomer child, a dripping sandwich was pure heaven. It consisted of a piece of sliced fresh white bread covered in dripping with a generous amount of salt liberally shaken over it. The fact that I was consuming saturated fat and salt didn’t matter a damn. No one bothered about whether or not what you ate was healthy. All that mattered was that your stomach was full. If I was still hungry, always providing the fire was lit, which it usually was, mum used to give me a piece of stale bread and the toasting fork. The trouble was that instead of carefully watching the toast, I used to get mesmerized by the sparks in the soot at the back of the fireplace slithering their fiery way around. To my childish way of thinking back then, they were alive. I’ve forgotten the number of times I ended up eating charcoal as a consequence of my inattention…

Each week mum used to walk the one and a half miles into town from the farm we lived on, with me gripping her hand, to get our weekly rations. From what I can remember they included a very small loaf of white bread, flour, two ounces of butter, half a pound of lard and two eggs, using my ration card. Not forgetting a tin of treacle, a jar of malt and a bottle of cod-liver oil. If she was lucky, and the butcher was in a good mood, she also managed to get a half dozen rashers of bacon and a small joint of beef, also on my ration card. Thinking about it now, I wonder how she would have fared if she hadn’t taken me with her each time? A lot of people tried to get more than they were entitled to, claiming they had hungry children at home, when they hadn’t…

While I loved treacle as well as malt, having a teaspoon of cod-liver oil forced down my gullet by mum was not a pleasant experience. I hated the stuff! But she always insisted it was good for a growing boy. Dad did his bit contributing to the larder by growing cabbage, peas, carrots and potatoes in part of the garden.

I'm making a sandwich - want one?

Sixty six years later, I now consume the following:

Bread (white)


Leerdammer cheese

Belgian Beer Ham






Beef mince


Wholegrain Mustard


Freshly ground Pepper

Crunchy Peanut Butter



John Smith’s Bitter



A few weeks back I suddenly got the urge to eat another dripping sandwich for old time’s sake. Sadly, thanks to the food nazis, beef dripping as I knew it is no longer available. Given that my body can no longer handle fats like that, maybe its just as well…

How about you? What do you eat these days? Don’t be shy, share what you consume with the rest of us.