Just give Al Qaeda an inch…

n_africa_mid_east_pol_95Why oh why do we in the West still feel the need to invade other countries on the flimsiest of contexts, convincing ourselves that we are somehow ‘civilizing’ and ‘saving’ the locals? Who are we kidding?

Just take a look at what is happening in Iraq at the moment. Since Saddam Hussein was defeated and executed, religious maniacs have surfaced. The latest group named ISIS, backed by Al Qaeda, now runs rampant scaring the pants off the country’s citizens. Thousands of ordinary Iraqis have fled from the northern city of Mosul, ahead of the fundamentalist army.


Now the ordinary inhabitants of Tikrit are also fleeing http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iraq/10892299/Iraq-crisis-al-Qaeda-militants-push-towards-Baghdad-in-sight-live.html

When Colonel Gaddafi was removed from power in Libya, much the same thing occurred there.

While we have not been directly involved in Egypt, since the military dictatorship formerly led by Hosni Mubarak ended, Al Qaeda has got itself involved there as well, stirring up fundamentalists to take the country over. It is interesting to note that when the Muslim Brotherhood won the election legally, after Mubarak was deposed and placed under house arrest, that they soon showed their true colours. Once again the military has taken over. It remains to be seen if they can regain control of the situation.

That just leaves Afghanistan. What happens there when the last of the troops leave? One of two scenarios will become reality. Either the Taliban return in strength, or Al Qaeda stirs things up to the point where civil war breaks out, just as it has in Syria. That country used to be a steadying influence in the Middle-East. These days it is nothing more than a killing ground for the fundamentalists who crave a powerful Muslim state, encompassing the entire Middle-East and beyond…

The Law is an Ass


If whoever first coined the phrase could only see how the laws of the land are currently being freely interpreted by judges today in the UK, they would simply say – “told you so!”

To all criminals within the European Union, I bid you welcome to the land of sheer stupidity! Feel free to commit any crime you care to name. If caught, you may have an enforced holiday for a couple of years in a well-appointed centrally heated bijou room, containing a television and games console among other things as well as three meals a day, all paid for by the taxpayer.

Time and again whenever someone, be they British or from foreign parts, is found guilty of a violent crime worthy of a lengthy term in prison, despite the judge publically pronouncing the maximum allowable sentence, most of the time the convicted felon will only serve barely half of it. If the judges knew full well that under the law the convicted felon will never serve the full sentence, why say it in the first place? Come to that, why does life only mean ten years these days (which in reality is often less, thanks to the nonsense of time off for good behaviour), instead of the natural lifespan of the convicted prisoner?

We now have a worrying number of instances where judges are totally ignoring the government’s directive regarding the instant deportation of violent foreign criminals. Currently if they match the particular human rights criteria they can remain in the country, not only during their prison sentence but also on their release. Why? Because all they have to do is say that they have family living here! So what I hear you cry? Deport their family along with them. Sorry, it can’t happen under the present laws, simply because it will infringe their basic human rights as enshrined within EU laws.

What about the human rights of the victims and their families? No one seems to give a damn about them!

These days we also have an increase in the numbers of armed gangs of feral youths freely shooting people on the suburban streets of major cities like London, knowing they will get away with it thanks to the government’s cost cutting measures which have dramatically reduced the numbers of frontline police – not that you will normally see a policeman or woman walking the beat in the suburbs anymore. Plus, we have to worry about whether or not that new person recently moved in next door is a convicted felon or not, being re-housed by the State!

While it’s fair enough that the victims of despicable sex crimes and their families remain anonymous, we are also being told that the practice of naming and shaming a suspect prior to them being brought to trial, no matter what the outcome may be, must now end as it goes against their human rights. Usually in my experience there is no smoke without fire…