Are Amazon’s published authors being shafted?


From their published author’s point of view the answer has to be yes!!!

While the realists among our ranks (myself included) know we will never gain fame and fortune despite our best efforts, when you become a published author you would be forgiven for thinking that once your book(s) has been accepted and published that you are entitled to receive royalties for each copy of your book sold.

That used to be the case with Amazon until they decided to change the rules to save themselves having to honour their side of the agreement in favour of the far cheaper alternative from their point of view – Kindle Edition Normalized Pages!

While the idea of being able to read as many books as you can each month for very little outlay (Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited) may appeal to the avid reader, do any of them for one moment bother to ask themselves whether or not the authors of those books are being provided with royalties for each copy of their book(s) sold by Amazon? I seriously doubt it!

While its true that we do receive a pittance in the form of a few cents for every page read, we do not receive royalties for books sold under the Kindle Unlimited program! In essence what we are subjected to thanks to our books being advertised in Kindle Unlimited is nothing short of blatant exploitation by Amazon!

While we all reluctantly give away a few free copies while promoting a work, regarding it as a necessary evil, what Amazon is doing is outrageous! In essence they deliberately abandoned paying royalties to each author in favour of KU and their cheap skate pay per page read scheme. Did it increase the number of copies bought? No! Nor does the giving away of hundreds of copies in a free promotion, despite what some pro Amazon pundits may say!

As a published author I will never ever obtain a copy of anyone’s book using KU. To do so would be to deprive my fellow published authors of the monetary acknowledgement for their literary endeavours – in other words, their royalty payment. As readers I strongly urge you to consider doing the right thing as well. Buy your copy!

I know there are many tight-fisted individuals who would argue that by getting books using KU they save money, and that in effect they are buying their copy.They could not be more in error if they tried! So the next time you chose a book to read consider paying for it.


Before you ask – yes I do have some free copies of ebooks. In total they number less than eight, each one sent to me by their author as a complimentary copy…


Without Reviews Books Don’t Sell!


I’ll say it again – without reviews, books don’t sell!


Sunday last I posted about a perfectly good, balanced review for my latest science fiction romance CĂ©leste that Amazon refused to allow because its author and I know each other. Since then, thanks to Derek Haines telling me how, it now appears as an Editorial Review on CĂ©leste’s page on

It’s bad enough that many people today don’t want to read a book. But for those that do, the number who take the time to acknowledge the book they have read by posting a genuine review are rarer than hen’s teeth. It doesn’t help matters when Amazon deliberately remove reviews willy-nilly, under the pretence of doing away with fake ones, while at the same time bending their own rules, when they openly offer professional reviews for a price. So how can they possibly justify their actions while removing reviews written by perfectly ordinary readers who bought and enjoyed any given book? The mind simply boggles at what can only be described as Amazon’s blatantly obvious double standards where reviews are concerned.

We writers are always telling you that reviews sell books. It’s a great pity that Amazon fails to appreciate that simple fact. After all, if a book doesn’t sell, they earn nothing, as does the author who did all the hard work in the first place…


Moronic attitudes, born of ignorance

Cameron and Miliband

It always amazes me how certain individuals among us can be so damned stupid in their political beliefs and attitudes. I got caught up in a Facebook conversation with an ignoramus recently that got me thinking. According to him anyone who wasn’t a Conservative politician or supporter was a communist. It didn’t matter what argument I put forward, or which political party I made mention of, his immediate response was “they’re all commies.” My parting shot to him was, “sir, you are an idiot!” I don’t suffer fools. Then the sod had the cheek to send me a friend request. Needless to say I didn’t take up the offer. So, what I’m about to say is for that particular mental defective and any others who may be lurking in the shadows.


While the current government screws the country, saying that what they are doing is good for the economy, when it comes to looking for a politicial party that does not share the same view, at the moment there is none. Whether you vote Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, UK Independence, Green, Respect, or for any of the others, remember that these days ultimately they all sing from the same right of center hymn sheet.

In the old days there were only two political parties with clearly established differences. The Conservatives represented the priviledged and big business, as they still do today, while Labour championed the working classes, backed by the unions and the various communist parties. Yes there were strikes, yes there were pay disputes between management and trade unions. Yes there were go slows and work to rule. But back then the politicians were forced to listen to what the voters said, and woebetide any of them that didn’t.

These days there is no such thing as a UK political party of the people, by the people, for the people. Those days are long gone. The only difference among the current two major parties is in their names. Today’s Labour party only pays lipservice to the principals on which it was originally formed back in 1900, preferring to follow the pack. For anyone to claim that any party other than the Conservatives are communist is laughable, and yet certain individuals with a low IQ stupidly hold to this totally nonsensicle notion.

When the election occurs on the 7th of May next year, anyone with half a brain who wants to see any improvement in their personal circumstances will be hard put to decide who to vote for, given what I have just said. Remember this when you go to vote – all politicians are inveterate liars. If you are foolish enough to swallow what they say about looking after you, providing you vote for them, don’t complain when you find out that despite a new government being in power, nothing has changed for the better of the country at large. The only people who benefit from politics are politicians. There is no such thing as an honourable one any more. Lastly, don’t just vote for a party because your family always has. Use your brain. Work out which of the parties on offer is the least repugnant and vote for its local MP.

Of course if none of them appeal, there is always the Monster Raving Loony Party…


Cyber Bullying On GoodReads

It’s to be expected given that it is now wholly owned and controlled by Amazon, who allow cyber bullies to attack anyone and everyone who publishes books. A lot of rhetoric abounds from both sites about ridding themselves of the problem, and yet to date nothing positive has happened. While I’m all for freedom of speech, there are limits!

Cyber Bullying On GoodReads.

Creative writing courses are killing western literature, claims Nobel judge

I totally agree with what Horace says. How about you?

Creative writing courses are killing western literature, claims Nobel judge.

The Publishing Establishment’s Delusion | Just Publishing

Derek exposes the way the publishing establishment sees Indies

The Publishing Establishment’s Delusion | Just Publishing.

For Goodness Sake – Think Before You Act!!!


I’ve said this all before on several occasions. But apparently you decided to keep on doing it anyway…

As writers, whether seasoned or a newcomer, explain to me why it is that you have totally swallowed the marketing ploy created by your publisher(s) that giving away hundreds, sometimes thousands, of copies of your books is somehow financially beneficial to you?

The only ones who benefit from your moment of completely misguided naivety, or should that be madness, is your publisher and one particularly evil, not to say tight, group of readers. I refer to those individuals who know that sooner or later you will become desperate enough (or should that be foolish enough) to decide that it is a good idea to give the product of all your hard work away for nothing! Think trolls, pedants, armchair critics and good old fashioned skinflints. Letting the first three get their hands on a free copy of your book gives them all the ammunition they need to tear apart your reputation as a writer even before you have established one! Just take a look at all of the one star reviews on sites like Amazon if you don’t believe me…

Before you join in with this idiocy, take a moment to think it through. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving away a dozen copies of an eBook online, or a dozen signed paperback copies at a book fair, or in your local book shop just once. It makes total promotional sense. Number one, with the paperback, the cost of getting that many printed is negligable. Number two, despite what eBook publishers may say, the cost of producing an eBook is practically zero. If those who got their copy from you this way like what they read, they will soon spread the word.

The nasties usually don’t attend book fairs and bookshops…

Put your thinking caps on for a moment. If instead of being a writer you were a painter, or a sculpture, would you give your work away to get yourself noticed? No, of course you wouldn’t. So why do you think that you will become popular among readers if you give away hundreds or thousands of copies of your book(s)?

Once again I ask you to think before you act. While your eBook or paperback may be free to the readers for a promotional period between two to five days, your publisher still receives a financial reward simply by delivering the copy to the readers, while you get nothing.

Let’s face it people. You decided to get your book published. You spent many months slaving over it. In a lot of cases, you spent more money than you could afford at the time having it edited as well as getting the cover made. Giving away thousands of copies will not help you recoup your financial outlay. Only real sales do that. While you may believe that it is a good idea, take it from one who knows – it isn’t! Divide the total cost of your outlay by the retail price of the book. That will give you some idea of how many copies have to be sold before you begin to see any profit in the form of royalties.

If the loss of thousands of pounds/dollars etc in the form of royalties doesn’t bother you, I give up. You are a hopeless case. I’ve mentioned all of this in previous posts. So have many other seasoned writers. Yet, each day I come across more and more writers giving away precious copies of their book, hoping to be recognised, even though they know they are playing into the hands of the literary vultures waiting in the wings, hoping to feed on the next writer’s sheer desperation.

You know that it is totally ridiculous and yet you still do it. Why? For your own sakes, not to mention your dwindling bank accounts, cease and desist! You wrote the book. Therefore you are entitled to reap any financial reward derived by its sale.


There Is Nowt Queerer Than Folk


People in general are probably the most complicated, dangerous, confusing, annoying, tiresome, argumentative, frustrating, angry, illogical, emotional and idiotic creatures roaming this planet of ours. Don’t even get me going on the differences between the genders…

To begin with, the greater majority of mankind believes in some form of non existant all powerful entity. Why? What’s wrong with standing on your own two feet? To any logical thinking being, any form of religion makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Where is this all powerful being when we need them the most, like when we are involved in a war, or are suffering a family crisis? Nowhere, that’s where! So why bow down to them? It makes no sense at all.

Religion is hardly peaceful or benevolent, despite everything its devotees preach. Each religion believes it is the only true one, conning its faithful into thinking that all the others are unbelievers to be destroyed! I’ve lost count of the number of wars that were, and still are, being fought in its name – an ugly trait of those who still believe that they are still the masters of all mankind. It seems that we can’t get through a single century without declaring war on each other. Once again, why is that? In the days of yore the common people were given no choice in anything. Once upon a time we were ruled by Emperors, Kings, Dukes, Earls, Barrons and tribal Chieftains. What they decreed simply happened.

I’ve got news for you people. These days we do have a choice, despite what our political and religious leaders may say. Our politicians, backed by the more fantical religions, have taken over from any kind of royalty, prosecuting wars in other lands like there is no tomorrow, usually because those countries are oil rich. While we can’t do much about the religious fanatics, except ignore them, every few years we do get the chance to vote out the political party that is annoying and frustrating us the most. The real trouble is that instead of thinking first, many simply give their vote to a specific political party because that’s the way their family members and them have always done it. In my own case, I usually vote for the Labour party. Why do I do that? Habit, pure and simple!

More and more these days people simply don’t bother to vote, believing that their one vote won’t make any difference. Total rubbish!

With barely a fortnight to go, the good people of Scotland will get the chance to vote, either for independence from the rest of the UK, or to maintain the status quo. This is a historic moment in the history of these islands. The Scots won’t get another chance like this in the forseeable future. The political pundits and polls suggest that both sides of the argument, for and against, are about even. When have polls and pundits ever got anything right when it comes to elections, or in this case, probably the most important referendum that Scotland will vote on?

Since the Jacobites were beaten in the eighteenth century, ending any previous thoughts of Scots’ independance, the proud nation has been nothing more than a vassal state of England. Despite all of the scaremongering and threats from the UK parliament, personally I hope that Scotland achieves it dream to break away from the houses of parliament, otherwise known as Westminster, once and for all.

Role on the eighteenth of September…

Why Are Publishers Giving Away Bestselling Books for Free?



Why Are Publishers Giving Away Bestselling Books for Free?.

Why does any publisher do it? To shift books and expose books to a jaded reading public, and to increase their revenue. They certainly don’t do it to keep their writers happy!!!

What The Hell Are We Doing About It?


Gaza the Warzone

A good friend of mine who has lived in Israel, and has many friends in the region, posted an article on his Facebook page because he suspects that many of the articles on both the US newsmedia and in their newspapers are coloured to suit the US Government’s open support for Israel’s unjust war against the Palestinians trapped behind the wall surrounding Gaza (click on the previous highlighted word Gaza to read the article for yourselves).

One individual from the US posted the following totally incomprehensible comment on the Facebook post – “Hope the Islam supporters are okay wirh becoming Muslims.” Apart from not being able to spell, the individual concerned showed their complete ignorance of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim, let alone their obvious contempt for the innocent civilians being killed by Israeli bombs, missile air strikes, and shells.

While every other nation across the planet strongly condemns what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, which bares a striking similarity to what the Nazis did to the Jews during World War Two, both America’s government and mine here in the UK openly support Israel, inferring that it is all the fault of the Palestinian people for giving a haven to terrorists.

Yes it is true that Hamas does have a militant wing. Yes it is also true that Hamas is part of the Islamic Resistance Movement allied to the Muslim Brotherhood. But does that entitle Israel to indiscriminately murder 1,400 innocents at the time of writing this, many of them children?

Remember this, these militant Arab movements sprang up down the decades simply because of the totally unjust way in which my own country redrew the Middle Eastern map at the end of World War One. Then after World War Two ended, in 1948 it was decided to remove the remaining Jews from Europe by giving them a homeland in the Middle East. Naturally this upset the entire region. No one in Europe or the Arab nations bordering the part of Palestine that became Israel, wanted the Jews.

The ordinary Palestinian people living in Gaza are innocent! Many people on both sides of the wall surrounding the enclave don’t want the cycle of murder to continue. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, has called what the Israeli Prime Minister, Bejamin Netanyahu and his cronies are doing a war crime. Why can’t the US and the UK see that and back him?

Calling anyone like myself who supports the Palestinian civilians an anti Semite, and therefore anti Jewish is ludicrous, when both peoples are Semitic in origin. And before you ask, no I am not a Muslim. I am an Anglican – a non practicing member of the Church of England.


The time has come for the entire world to cry enough and withhold any and all aid to Israel, forcing them to get along with all their neighbours!