Remember the old days?


Very few things make me angry, except for corporate greed caused when succeeding governments allowed the following to happen.

Do you remember when we had neighbourhood police patrolling our streets on foot in two’s? Back then they literally knew everybody in their patch. Consequently crime was low. No longer.

What about when your family doctor came to you if you were sick? Does your doctor still visit you at home?

Do you remember when we used to get bills from utilities like electricity suppliers for the actual amount you had used, back when meter readers were employed?

Sadly all of the above, no longer happens since government changed everything for the worse, no matter whether it be Conservative, Labour, or any coalition of political parties.

Today the only time you will see a policeman, or woman, patrolling the streets is in the centre of town. If you need one where you live, forget it. For today’s police it’s too much like hard work to get out into the suburbs on foot since targets were introduced, and patrolling in police vehicles became the norm.

The same applies to your doctor. Once upon a time they actually cared about their patients. Not so today.  Is it any wonder that with such a long time between you applying – yes I did say applying for an appointment with a general practioner, and you actually getting it, that so many have totally lost all faith in the system, and gone to their nearest Accident and Emergency department? Inevitably when you get there, you are faced with long waiting times, in the worst cases, several days before you are attended too. Is it any wonder that our hospitals are grinding to a standstill when patients can’t get to see their GP within twenty-four hours or less?

Even our postal service leaves much to be desired since Royal Mail was privatised.

But the worst by far is the electricity providers. Take Scottish and Southern Electricity as a typical example of how what was formerly a public utility run by the government on our behalf, has become yet another greedy corporation.

Once upon a time when we got an electricity bill, we knew that it was only for the actual amount of electricity we had used in any given month, or quarter. No longer. These days the lazy sods can’t even be bothered to come round and actually read each home’s electricity meter. Instead, periodically they send out a letter to their consumers asking us to do their damned job for them. I received another one of these letters yesterday morning. I wouldn’t have a problem with this, except for one tiny point – we are no longer billed for how much electricity we actually use! Instead what we get is a demand for x amount based on guesswork to ensure their shares look good on the share markets of the world!

When they ask that we read our own meters twice, normally with a two hour gap between readings, you know damned well that all they will do is guestimate how much electricity you have used. This is nothing more than a licence to fleece the consumer! To all of them we are nothing more than cash cows to be milked at every opportunity. What really sickens me is that most of us simply do as we are told like sheep. Well I’m no sheep! I flatly refuse to do their job for them. I did it a couple of times in the past with a previous electricity supplier, British Gas, but it made no difference. If anything the amount due increased to ensure their market share.

As for Scottish and Southern’s latest letter, they know what my answer will be. When hell freezes over you bastards. If you were actually going to bill me for the actual amount of electricity I have used, fair enough. But you are not are you?

With the UK general election coming up in May, the only politician I will vote for is the one brave enough to actually do something about returning sanity to all of the above, not just pay lip service to the issues I have raised to receive his, or her, £67,060 pa as a back bencher in the Palace of Westminster. A chance would be a fine thing…

PS – I haven’t even made mention of that other area of corporate greed and sheer incompetence since being privatised – our railways. Whoops, now I have.


Feeling Totally Pissed Off!


Not too many years ago, there was one person visiting your neighbourhood on a daily basis that you could always rely upon to knock on your door whenever he or she had a parcel for you. I refer to your friendly postperson. No longer. Since Royal Mail became privatised, time and motion studies dictate that the postmen or women must get round his or her ‘Walk’ in as short a time as possible, to the detriment of their customers.

The one who delivers the mail around here is a feckless idiot, especially on a saturday! He has been on this ‘Walk’ for years. Therefore he knows all of us in the close I live in. For instance he is well aware that I am housebound. Yet, when it comes to delivering anything other than letters which he can push through my letter box, like a small package, what does he do? I’ll tell you. Instead of knocking on my door, he takes a few moments to fill out one of those package pickup cards and then posts that through my letter box instead!!!

Five times now he has followed this procedure whenever something I have ordered left the warehouse via Royal Mail, instead of a courier. I sent an email to the particular company concerned informing them that if they want their product back, they had better contact my local Post Office, as that’s where its being held.

Royal Mail doesn’t even know the meaning of the words ‘Customer Service’!!!!

Bah Bloody Humbug!

😦 😦 😦