Whatever possessed him?

Part one of a short story. Part two on Monday…

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The loud knock on his front door insured his heart rate increased dangerously. He signed for his large consignment. Thanked the delivery driver. Then closed and locked the door, before dropping to his knees in a state of anxiety. Doubts began to multiply in Ansell’s mind. Whatever possessed him to buy such a thing in the first place? Did he dare open the package? What if his neighbours found out what it contained? Worse, what if his relatives became aware of his secret desire? His aunts had always thought he had deviant leanings! If they only knew?

Because of its size it would not be easy to hide from view once activated. For months he had been debating with himself whether or not to purchase the thoroughly desirable contents of the box that now stood against one wall of his hallway almost as tall as him. In the end the…

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The Deception of Zeus: Hera and the Siege of Troy

The Deception of Zeus: Hera and the Siege of Troy

And now for a story from long ago…

Myth Crafts

In the heat of the conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans, the Gods took sides. Hera, Queen of Olympians, and Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom, were still offended at having lost the Judgement of Paris, though Athena was worshiped by the Trojans – until Odysseus found a way to desecrate her Trojan temple. Aphrodite, having won over the young Trojan prince with the offer of Helen, stood on the side of Troy, even whisking Paris away from a vengeful Menelaus.

Apollo, offended by Agamemnon, sent a plague that afflicted the Greeks –  in response, Agamemnon supplicated the God, but not without violating the honor of his most powerful ally, Achilles (this is actually how the Iliad opens).

Artemis, Apollo’s sister, is equally offended when the aforementioned Agamemnon kills a stag in her Sacred Grove. Agamemnon is forced to make a sacrifice – his daughter…

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A Fantasy Short Story

Another fantasy tale for you all…

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Roggan’s Tower

Everything that he had ever been told about the crumbling old tower high on the hills above the dead plains of Azurewrath was true after all.

Shivers ran up Gareth’s strong back as his vivid grey eyes took in every evil detail. The legend often told by storytellers, said it was once the abode of the last of the noble dragon warriors of old – Lord Roggan, sword master and champion of Azurewrath’s great king, Borr the bald.

Now the time had finally arrived when peace and stability across the land had been driven beyond recent memory by the tower’s current occupant the wizard Theophas. He was by far the cruellest of all the Black Order of Deighny ever to venture into the western plains. Thanks to his evil purposes, the ancient tower now became the centre of his conjured malevolence as it spread its tentacles far and…

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a sunset and a mojito

a sunset and a mojito

How a poem is born…

The Lonely Author

a sunset and a mojito


When does loneliness most affect me?

No, not when you think. I would have to say when I sit down to eat. I always imagine the dinner time conversations when families or couples dine. I bet most people take these moments for granted. I don’t.

Drinking my mojito, I watched a sunset.

Started writing a poem on a napkin. (Yes, we may have to change the blog name to The Lonely Napkin Author).

I wrote something for my muse. It will post this coming Monday. Hopefully, she will like it.

This was my dinnertime view last night, all that was missing was YOU.

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Yet another Timeless Tale

It’s not only humans who suffer with their offspring…

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Looks cute – right? Don’t be fooled


Here is another tale from my anthology Goblin Tales concerning Glob’s old friend Bejuss, the one eyed lisping raven with the twisted beak…

Enter Gerald the Egg

In which Globular Van der Graff, (Glob), Makepeace Terranova (Make), Byzantine Du Lac (Byz), Eponymous Tringthicky (Mous), curmudgeonly old Neopol Stranglethigh (Neo), and especially Bejuss, the one eyed lisping raven with the twisted beak, discover that the path of parenthood is a decidedly rocky one.

It had been a whole moon since the goblin brothers returned home after their abortive attempt to rescue Yathle’s cousin Ariadne, when her insatiable curiosity tragically ended her life.
Both Glob and Neo had taken simpleminded Byz to one side and told him that under no circumstances was he ever to play the beautifully haunting tune which unlocked the barrier between the world and the one beneath ever again, no…

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The labourer is worthy of his hire

Methinks he doth jest varlet…

Tallis Steelyard

The labourer is worthy of his hire

It is a question that may need to be asked. Should night-soil collectors seek to rise above their station? I only ask because of the sad case of Jaysen. He was a night-soil collector and the son of a long line of night-soil collectors. He owned two horses and a cart and even employed a man or two to assist him when trade was busy. He had a good steady round, emptying pail privies on a regular basis, indeed some particularly sensitive houses paid him to collect daily.

Yet where most night-soil men live for the day when their sense of smell dies completely, Jaysen wanted more. Initially he was cautious, he merely branched out into emptying earth closets. It has to be admitted that those citizens of Port Naain who have pleasant grounds around their house often yearn for the rustic simplicity of the earth closet tucked discreetly at…

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Yet another short story

Hope you enjoy it…

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The age old question, who’s in charge of the remote?

It was Friday night and time for the television war yet again. The never ending argument was about to begin in the Montague household once again over the ownership of the television remote control. Debbie wanted to watch her favourite soap opera – Lover’s Tryst, while Chuck insisted they watch the football game.

His argument was that it was the penultimate game before the grand final, and besides, as the head of the household and sole breadwinner it was his right to choose the programmes they watched.

Debbie argued that tonight’s episode of the soap opera was the cliff hanger ending to the current series, and anyway he could always watch the game equally well on the other television in the bedroom.

Chuck was not about to give in. He changed to the sports channel. Debbie nagged, pleaded, sighed loudly…

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