Between the legs of the sphinx: the stele of the dream of Thutmose IV

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What a giant hilarious lion, sitting or lying proudly in front of the mysterious Pyramids of Giza. The Sphinx itself is also a mysterious work, which, according to new research, its year of construction goes back to eleven thousand years.

There is a stele erected between the front paws of The Great Sphinx of Giza by Thutmose IV in the first year of the king’s reign, 1401 BC, during the 18th Dynasty. As was common with other New Kingdom rulers, the epigraph claims to a divine legitimisation of kingship. And it’s called The Dream Stele.

Now let’s read about the interesting story of this find in this brilliant reportage by Marie Grillot. 🙏💖

Entre les pattes du sphinx : la stèle du songe de Thoumosis IV


Left. : watercolor by Mariette
Right. : “The Great Sphinx” – Photographer: G. Lékégian…

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Taking a calculated gamble with the Trolls

Trolls never die…

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online troll

To survive in the merciless world of Indie books, let alone achieve meaningful sales, sometimes you have to take steps to give your book a real chance. I’m not advocating that anyone tries what I did in this particular instance by any means. Occasionally it works. Most of the time it doesn’t.


There was a time when like all writers I used to really get upset by Troll attacks. Then I saw a way of turning them to my advantage, a way that turns their attacks into book sales. A few days ago I decided to once again try a tactic I hadn’t used in many a long year, to get the Trolls that lurk on to attack my latest novella The Guardian (click on the link in green to see their one and two star reviews). I laid a trap to make it easy for them to…

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Back, But Not Quite Back

From our man in Beetley in Norfolk.


Well, I am back from my holiday week by the sea, and delighted to report that I am smiling! The weather was perfect; nice temperatures combined with blue skies and a sea breeze. The one shower we encountered was when we were driving back from somewhere, and it only lasted for ten minutes.

All in all, the perfect English seaside holiday.

Ollie enjoyed his change of scene, and made new friends too. He even got to sample a special canine ice cream, and there will be a photo of him enjoying that in due course. As we have been to that same place on four previous occasions, there will not be many new photos other than some of our accommodation, and Ollie relaxing.

But returning home to a house left closed up for seven days means there are jobs to be done, so I will not be back to blogging…

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The Tenth Chapter

Ok kiddies time for another chapter…

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Chapter Ten

On the road to Ale’s Stones

A middle aged German priest stepped forward through the crowd of passengers walking up the ferry’s gangway to assist his elderly ecclesiastical visitor from Holland to shore. “Willkommen bruder, willkommen,” the priest said, as he embraced the old man, happy to see his friend once again.

“Vielen dank,” the old monk replied breathlessly, leaning heavily on his walking stick while the priest took his free arm and linked it in his. The two friends slowly made their way at the older man’s shuffling pace through the riverside streets of Emden towards a small house in the grounds of the local parish church. The younger man opened the door and showed the elderly servant of God into the back kitchen of his modest home. “God, I’m glad that’s over,” Nick said as he began removing his heavy disguise courtesy of Jacob’s expertise…

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Anthropodermic bibliopegy

More from Jim’s alter ego, Tallis

Tallis Steelyard

“A lecherous sunrise flaunted itself over a flatulent sea, ripping the obsidian bodice of night asunder with its rapacious fingers of gold, thus exposing her dusky bosom to the dawn’s ogling stare.”

Thus I declaimed those famed words of Stud Uval, one of the greatest poets and writers ever to dwell in Port Naain. For numberless centuries, every ten years, the poets of this city have celebrated our liberation from tyranny. In all candour one could number the centuries but I confess I have forgotten how many have passed since the event we celebrate.

When the last Castellan of the fallen Dreen Dynasty took his forces south to join in the wars to pick a successor, the great keep in Port Naain, the ‘Old King’s Shackles’ was occupied by lesser men. Petty tyrants all of them, but not necessarily warriors. Warriors they could hire. Many of our Tyrants were men…

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…perchance to dream

Short story closer to my daily existence than you think…

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The voyage from Earth to Gliese 832c was a one way trip. Everyone aboard had happily volunteered. All where disenchanted with what they had left behind on mankind’s home planet.

In that regard I was no different to any of my fellow volunteers. I hated what my home country had become through its desire for senseless regulation and legislation, political correctness, sectarianism, racism, religious intolerance, greed, homegrown terrorism, foodbanks, zero hour employment, attacks on the elderly by gangs of bitter youths roaming the streets, and heavy handed laws biased in favour of the super rich privileged few over the vast majority of the population in the form of financial cutbacks.

When you reach a certain age, you soon come to realise that the world has passed you by and to the younger generations you have become superfluous, hopelessly out of step, unable and unwilling to accept the rapid pace of…

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Hunter Thompson Explains What Gonzo Journalism Is, and How He Writes It (1975)

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Demonising the media: Threats to journalists in Europe - Index on  Censorship Index on Censorship
http://Index on Censorship

It might have become obvious, for some of you, who have read my posts often, that I come, again and again, to the subject: Freedom. Although this issue is a known subject in western countries, but believe me, it has been used and discussed more often in the countries under dictators: like an unreachable aim. I ask for forgiveness. 🙏

Of course, it is not a new term for all of us, but since I have left my country and live in freedom, I have noticed that this is not the freedom, which existed in the late sixties and early seventies. That generation had fought to get its freedom and the new one, they have it already by hand.

As the American writer Elbert Hubbard said: Freedom cannot be bestowed – it must be achieved. I believe in this as I have noticed in Germany, most people…

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It’s inevitable whenever you publish…

If you publish, sooner or later you will be targeted by low IQ haters like this one!!!!!

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Hi kiddies, I’m back on the offensive once again.

The following is a classic example of what happens when a Troll goes on the attack by looking for the next title on their hate list:

The text does not flow. I was frequently jolted by missing punctuation and poor sentence structure.

In this particular instance, the targeted book is my scifi love story:


Céleste: Love, Hate, Revenge and Danger among the Stars.

And yet, despite the above pathetic attempt to rubbish the book by a specific troll living in Vermont, one Sligo McKluge, when he delivered his blatantly obvious attack, the book continues to receive nothing but praise by those who have actually bought and read it from the beginning to the end. Which begs the simple question – why the hell does Amazon still allow bitter and twisted morons like McKluge to comment in the first place?

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Russia Research

Russia Research

Thanks to Michael Jecks for this article…


I was chatting to a friend recently, and the conversation gradually migrated to Russia and the state of the world. His view was that Putin had given back pride to Russia, that he had made the country strong again, and though he deplored Putin’s methods, Putin had succeeded in making Russians feel a sense of self-respect.

Putin, to my mind, has been shown to be possibly the worst leader since Stalin. My reasons? Here are the main ones which have led to my own thoughts. This is the first of a series of books I’ll be recommending.

PUTIN’S RUSSIA by Anna Politkovskaya, published by the Harvill Press, ISBN 978 1 843 43050 6

This is a searing account of Putin’s rise, seen through the eyes of a woman who had already reported on the decline of the Russian state over some years. Politkovskaya was one of those journalists who was…

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The Ninth Chapter

Ninth chapter…

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Chapter Nine


Plainly, normal border crossings were now completely out of the question for reasons of safety and security. The mental spanking David endured while he slept, when Ithis angrily entered his mind uninvited to prove a point about careless talk and Nick’s welfare, clearly had the desired effect on him. He resolved that from now on and in the future, he would keep his mouth shut regarding the artefact locations when dealing with his network of informers and contacts, not wishing to incur her wrath ever again. For the next few days, Nick and David poured over a large map of continental Europe spread out on the dining table, working out the best route to take, avoiding all manned border crossings between France, Belgium and the Netherlands. For the first time since the whole operation had begun, Nick relaxed for a few hours while David organized the…

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