Clean Or Dirty?

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A little game played at home, or when visiting. Were the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? Some used the washer as a source of clean dishes and glassware.

What days were scheduled for trash pickup? Were there different days for recyclables and regular trash? The really confusing part. There were different refuse companies with different neighborhood subscribers.

It wasn’t like I was among total strangers. These were family members. Family members that worked week days.

A Saturday of dog sitting while mom and daughters visited the local Ikea store. The weather was unseasonably cool and beautiful.

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An Angel Named Frog| فرشته ای به نام قورباغه

An Angel Named Frog| فرشته ای به نام قورباغه

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A Voice from Iran

During our summer days, my family and I used to go to my grandma’s villa. Her villa was a big mansion in a very large garden that was a little far from the city of Shiraz.


When my mom’s sisters and brothers gathered, there were more than forty people with kids. Grown ups used to sit together while the kids played without supervision.


Usually after lunches everyone used to take a nap along with their kids. I was only 4 years old, I never liked to take a nap and always pretended to fall sleep beside my mother. On one particular day, everyone was asleep and the big living room was very quiet.


I got bored and sneaked out to the garden area.


There was a special deep pool for watering the garden, not swimming. It was always swampy with many frogs.


I went directly towards the pool and sat…

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The Whole Thing Just Gelled!

The Whole Thing Just Gelled!

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Today, I finally realised that this latest story has finally gelled.

Gelled? I’ve been working on this book for months. I’ve been writing it for the last few weeks. How on earth can it have taken so long for the story to have formed itself in my mind?

It’s a curious thing, writing. Some books materialise and are ready, almost fully formed. They flow superbly as soon as the author puts fingers to keys or pen to paper. It’s like going for a walk on a nice gentle slope, no effort needed.

Others take longer. They need a bit more effort, and just will not form sentences on the page as you write. It’s like going for a walk dragging a ball and chain that keep snagging on rocks. Every second sentence needs careful thinking, adding little tweaks to a character’s back story, adding something about his/her personality, motivation, or…

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Learn French with Pascale

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born on this day 118 years ago. He is mostly remembered as an author, but he was also an accomplished aviator and many of his books are based on his experience as a pilot. I have chosen to write a post about him because it was requested by a reader but also because I have a few connections with him.

My first connection is that he was born in Lyon, like me. However, we were born in different “arrondissements”. He was born in the Presqu’île, which is the part of Lyon situated between the Rhone and the Saône Rivers, whereas I was born in the Croix -Rousse.

My second connection is that I attended the Lycée Saint-Exupéry in the 4th arrondissement of Lyon from the age of 16 to the age of 20. In those days, we referred to it as St-Ex and we did not…

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Clothing Optional Beach

…rather them than me!

A Unique Title For Me

Billy and Linda have been married for 20 years and they still have a wonderful appetency for each other.  It was time for their vacation and they wanted to enjoy a feeling of freedom, knowing that what they each have was not going to last forever, but Linda still captured glances where ever she went.  They both worked out at the gym and Billy’s body featured a lot of muscle, while Linda looked as sexy as ever.  They decided to vacation in the Caribbean at a clothing optional resort, since their bodies were still reasonably ripe, however knowing that time would always be their enemy and now that they were approaching 40, it was starting to run out for both of them.  This could be their last opportunity for going to a naked beach and they hoped it would generate their desire for each other to new levels, the…

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Before Emigration

Before Emigration

More from Justin in beautiful Malta…

The Champagne Epicurean




September 1964, a week before Independence

The summer was bright over the rocks and the sea. A seagull dived into the water. A young boy watched it and thought of German bombers diving over ships and cities during the war. He was young and he wanted to jump into the clear waves. But the waves felt suddenly old.

He wasn’t allowed on the rocky beach. The beach was ‘reserved’ property of the British Navy. The boy had snuck in because he wanted to see the infamous beach before he and his family left Malta for good.

“I wonder,” the boy thought. “If the summers will grow longer when the British leave?”

A gaggle of soldiers appeared over the crisp horizon. The boy scattered and jumped over the rocky walls laced in prickly pears. He ran all the way back to the village.

His heart racing like a…

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