A particularly fine hare

Jimb Webster’s alter ego Tallis Steelyard is back!!!

Tallis Steelyard

a particularly fine hare

Magic is unchancy stuff and the wise man doesn’t get involved, but unfortunately involvement can be thrust upon you. To a degree I can lay the blame at the feet of Madam Mudfold. The celebrated, indeed notorious Mudfold and Cockeren feud was over. Order had been restored and both ladies had quietly drifted back into Port Naain, and under the keen eye of family and friends were being forced to keep up at least the appearance of affability.

Still, a rivalry remained, and when somebody told Madam Mudfold that Madam Cockeren had served a truly remarkable hare as the centrepiece of the dinner, Madam Mudfold wasn’t going to be surpassed. I think her plan was to serve a really fine joint of horrocks, but with the hare as a side dish. Of course you can see the message that would send out. “Yes we can serve hare, but frankly it’s…

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Bone Age…

Lovely poem from Stuart. 😉

Stuart France


Three skulls.

Three lives.

Three deaths.


One life for the minerals, substance of earth.

One life for the flowers, blossom of soul.

One life for the animals, projection of dream.


The dream of reason produces monsters.

The dream of love produces life.

The dream of death produces light.


Three skulls.

Three deaths.

Three lives.


Stone is the bone of earth.

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We’re not dopey idiots!!!

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Why is it that literally every platform, Social Media or otherwise, thinks its necessary to offer a small selection of writers, bloggers, etc, etc to follow. Do they honestly believe that people are incapable of making up their own minds? I don’t know about you but whenever any platform I use does this, I make a point of ignoring its list!

We’re not idiots. so stop treating us as if we are. I will decide who I follow – not you!


Retro Review: The Third Man (1949)

One of the best films ever made…


This British thriller is considered by many to be one of the greatest films ever made. I wonder if there is a film fan out there who has never seen it? If so, you are missing a treat indeed.

Directed by Carol Reed, screenplay by Graham Greene, and cinematography by Robert Krasker, this black and white film is simply stunning, in every way imaginable. And that’s even before you consider the cast, led by Joseph Cotten, Orson Welles, Trevor Howard, Bernard Lee, and Alida Valli. Add an amazingly memorable soundtrack from Anton Karas, and ‘masterpiece’ is the word that springs to mind.

The setting is post-war Vienna, and location filming puts us right into the heart of that European city. Like Berlin at the time, the city is divided into zones controlled by each of the victorious allies, and Black Market dealing and racketeering is rife. American fiction writer Holly…

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Meet Jim Webster’s alter ego…

Tallis Steelyard

Annual Bloggers Bash Awards Nominee Best Blogging Writing Blog
I have indeed been nominated. This isn’t something that happens particularly often in the career of a jobbing poet. Obviously we draw a veil over the sad incident involving the Landlord of the Raging Bull. The magistrate was most supportive. He accepted my defence that I had left without paying for the wine, purely because I hadn’t realised the city still possessed anybody with the gall to charge for wine of that quality. Given that in the interests of justice he had tried a glass, I can only salute his dedication and courage in the service of the law.

Similarly we shall skip lightly past the sad case of the wanted poster. It was an oversight on my part, an error I would not have made had the scheme been concocted when I was sober.
Actually, I feel it was not a bad idea when you look at it dispassionately…

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Is it just me…

Here’s a post of mine from May 2015 that struck a chord with at least 59 of you…

Have We Had Help?


Is it just me or have the rest of you noticed the disturbing increase in the number of thoroughly nasty individuals appearing on all social media sites lately?

If like myself you have the effrontary to raise your head above the parapet, by that I mean, advertise the fact that you are an active writer, by advertising your work or even supplying the link to blog posts like this one on any social media site, inevitably you will be attacked by someone who simply loves to hate. Sounds completely crazy I know, but we’re not talking about normal people here, instead I refer to the totally unhinged, common or garden, lesser spotted internet troll.

These days as a writer you fully expect it to happen sooner or later whenever a book you have written is published, especially by those who make it their personal business to pounce and attack from…

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Something from Mira in Mumbai…

mira prabhu

1c954a09bd5bbfdf785ff7e6ca4642c8…my mother would say to me sternly whenever I misbehaved, which admittedly was often. I was a curious child and did not believe in the maxim of children should be seen but not heard (a friend turned that around jokingly and said: children should be obscene but not heard, and I had a good laugh). And so I butted into adult conversations and asked outrageous questions, simply because I wanted to know what made this strange world tick. I also had the ‘bad’ habit of striking up conversations with anyone who took my fancy—total strangers, servants, the old, the young, the rich, the poor, beggars.

“You have no shame,” my puritanical and sheltered mother would scold again, and I grew so used to hearing her criticism that soon it no longer had an effect on me. I knew, you see, that I meant no harm but was merely trying to…

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