For the love of GOLD

Ali loves gold. Don’t we all…


When I first visited the National Museum of Archaeology in Dublin, I was stunned by the sheer amount, and quality, of ancient gold artifacts on display… there is a whole floor  of the stuff.

My youngest son, who was about 8 years old at the time, scrounged my phone and busied himself taking photos of it all… he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, either!

Now put Ireland and gold together in the same sentence, and most people immediately think of pots of gold at the end of a rainbow guarded by a little red-bearded man dressed in green. *shudders* Ugh! How I loathe that little creature.

But here you go. The word ‘leprechaun’ is derived from the Old Irish luchorpán. The leprechaun first makes its apearance in an ancient medieval tale known as the Echtra Fergus mac Léti (Adventure of Fergus son of Léti). Fergus, King of Ulster…

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Amazon Notifications Regarding Copyright

Authors beware!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Amazon | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Image:

Image this: You have the perfect campaign lined up, and are counting the days before you finally start paying off the cost of those ads.

Then, you receive an email from Amazon accusing you of copyright infringment. Your book has been taken down for now, until you prove it is, indeed, written by you.

This is what’s been happening to several authors, who have received the dreaded copyright notifications from Amazon. Specifically, they’ve received the following email:


We are writing to you regarding the following book(s):

Title:[book title]

During a quality assurance review of your catalog, we found content (text and/or images) that is widely available on the web. You can do an online search for the content inside your books to discover which sites are offering the content for free. Copyright is important to us – we want to make sure that no author or other copyright…

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Weekend in Bergen 

More from Mas 😉

The thoughts and life of me

Bergen harbour

Last weekend in Bergen I had a very good time. I got to see a lot of good people and I participated in the Norwegian Brass Band Championship.

We did not manage to do our best preformance on stage, but in the end we got 5th place out of 15 in our section.

Rapunzel cake for the birthday girl

I even found the time to go to my friends daughter’s birthday party. And enjoy some time in the company of friends I don’t get to see often enough and have good cake at the same time.

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Seeking a Haven

Do you fancy reading about a Griffin? 😉

The Beauty of Words

baby-griffinThis is part three of a serial. Part one is Air Attack, and part two is Griffin Egg.

*spoiler alert* In part one, a teen girl, Amy, and her brownie companion, Morin, help drive off a flock of harpies, saving three fae, a captain and his two remaining soldiers. Amy also rescues a griffin egg from the harpies.

In part two, the fae try to take the egg away from Amy because fae and mortals usually despise each other. But Amy threatens to sidestep into the mortal world, a human’s only skill in Faerie, and the fae withdraw to let the egg hatch safely in Amy’s lap.


The baby griffin was scrawny and wet, and no doubt Morin would have to listen later as Amy bemoaned the state of her jeans. He reached into his journey sack just as Amy asked, “What do I feed it, Morin?”

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