Bottled Emotions

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“Threadbare” Jo was not a man rich in material or emotional blessings but a surprise win backing Random Crosswords to win in the 3:30  at Chepstow gave him “Money to burn,”and now he was determined to enjoy himself. As a rule men did not walk up to him in the street and say, “I wish I was you” or girls murmur “Oh to lie in your stinking, unwashed arms in some public park, and watch the sun setting,” but this was his lucky day

 Threadbare, now flush with funds and more formally known as  Joseph Leek, walked into “The Shop of Love” to see, emotionally at least, if he could re-equip his circumstances and experience a moment of living in the promised land.

This was no sleazy joint where women leaving the gentle slopes of youth might squeeze one out last ingénue pose for the camera, or men who avoided…

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A story from long ago

Something to get your teeth into, perhaps?

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Our kinsmen on the eastern coast north of here, had already been fighting the invaders from across the sea for most of the summer. Now the icy tentacles of early winter blew; heavy sea mist rolled in. Our clan chief Aiken together with our king, Eardwulf of Kent, and his high council of chiefs firmly believed that the invaders would continue south to our homeland rather than wait until next spring.

This was the reason for our lonely frozen enforced vigil here above the only safe landing place for many leagues along the coast in either direction. My half wild wolf Æthelwulf had been howling at the pale yellow disc in the misty sky for most of the day in an attempt to scare it away.  Ædelric, Amluth and Beorwthwulf sat shivering with their backs to the rocky outcrop, sheltering from the icy wind and pounding waves, attempting to…

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A weekend of food, friends and family

Mas tempts with food and beer…

The thoughts and life of me

20190809_1552143794472133783265212.jpg Going out for a beer on Friday to kick off the weekend

This weekend has been a very good one. It started right after work on Friday when I went out for a nice meal and a beer in a Japanese and Chinese restaurant. After the lovely food it was home to spend a nice Friday evening on the couch with beer, snacks and a movie.

Lovely dim sum

Saturday started, as it should, with a nice sleep in. Did a quick tidy up and then we walked in to town after the thunder and lightning finally gave up. We had a few little errands before we went for brunch.

Saturday pancakes in town

After eating we went for a little stroll in town. And as it was the first weekend of the Premiere League I got to catch a little bit of football and enjoy a nice Bulmers cider…

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Another fantasy short story

A gentle tale to start your day…

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Gorin’s Last Summer

Since Gemlik the last of the mountain ogres had sacrificed his single eye to save the ancient world from the disease of humanity, peace and harmony among all living things had returned once more.

Gorin, the much loved and respected elder and arbitrator of the dwarf clan, had journeyed north with Tallow the giant eagle and the crystal tool fashioned by Troth, to return it to Gemlik to create the replacement for Troth’s Eye.

Now he felt his remaining time and that of his life giving ancestor oak was fast growing short. Like all living things, the link between the pair meant they were born together, lived and died together as is the natural way of things in the world.


Gorin stirred from his long winter slumber beneath the warm down-filled covers of his bed, and lifted his weary head from his soft cobweb pillow. He…

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Scribe Like an Egyptian

Here’s something interesting from our man Aladin. 😉


I was not actually, a fan of the Arabic theritory, that’ is why I learned in my history, the Persian history because, it is my history. I am surely not a nationalist or not even a patriot. I just believe in any culture of every folk which must be at least respected by every other nations on the earth. But the Arabs destroyed our culture and all things belonged to it under whatsoever they meant! That is criminal in every form.

But my brother made me clear that the Egyptians are not Arabs, that goes beyond our history. And of course I looked after it and was fascinated and stunned.

Here we can enjoy a little more about their magics… ❤

Ancient Egypt’s bureaucratic society depended on an army of scribes. To get ahead, you had to be able to write – but that didn’t necessarily mean mastering hieroglyphs.


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An example of how a story idea can often lead nowhere…

Not all stories work…

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sun-solar-flare-527134 Nature’s Exception

To all intent and purpose the Earth is dead, uninhabitable. Every living thing across the world perished when the planet was hit by a massive solar storm, rupturing the atmosphere and boiling the planet’s surface. With the exception of a handful of individuals, who saw the catastrophe coming, humanity died out.

Those few unknowingly irradiated escapees, who descended below ground in Earth’s last hours, became troglodyte-like cave dwellers. Within a few short weeks after the solar bombardment, they began to change beyond all recognition as the last remnants of the oxygen rich atmosphere disappeared. A new subterranean species soon replaced humanity.

In general they live out their lives knowing nothing of what went before. However, in nature there is always at least one exception to the rule. I still retain a conscious mind while the rest merely exist. While we no longer communicate in the way our ancestors…

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A New Review

Just received from Richard…

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Turning Point by [Eason, Jack]

This is the latest review for the first book I wrote back in 1995 by my fellow writer Richard Dockett, better known in sci-fi circles by his nom de plum Richard Dee


A roller coaster of a book. Jack Eason takes some well-known legends and weaves a fascinating sci-fi story around them. We have alien races; some good, some bad. The story is about their battle for control of our planet, along with that of the humans who get caught up in the fight. Sides need to be chosen; allegiances made. The action is plausible and relentless, spanning the globe and leaving you desperately turning the pages to see what happens next. Yet, through it all, there is enough detail to show that a lot of research has been done, neither has character development been sacrificed for the sake of action. It all fits together perfectly, the ending is…

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