From the book I’m working on…


…I give you real evil!

She continued smiling at them as she sang, neither of the children realising  that Banab was stealthily creeping towards them from behind. Banab’s hands clamped over the children’s mouths silencing their screams of terror with a strength Meral had never seen before. His powerful mind invaded theirs, destroying them completely, before he killed them with a quick snap of their tender young necks. Meral was unnerved by Banab’s smile as he fell back into the long grass, contented by his murderous work. Now it was her turn…

Her composure quickly returned as she began her own hunt. Her unfortunate target lay fast asleep on top of a pile of hay in the loft of the community barn. Meral circled the village several times waiting for her opportunity to strike. Her eyes hardened as she concentrated on her mission, banishing everything from her mind except her quarry. The unfortunate youth lay in the warmth of the sun, away from the double doors of the barn loft. Meral began kissing him, while she gently removed his clothing. Then straddling him, she allowed him to undress her. The youth was dumbfounded by his unexpected reward, overcome by Meral’s nubile beauty, as she took him to heights of passion and desire he had never experienced before in his entire life.

When the members of the teenager’s community eventually found him later that evening, his heart had been cut out with his own knife and placed on his stomach partially consumed, inside a bizarre heart shaped design she had drawn with his blood.

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Twitter For Authors: The Ultimate Guide

Make up your own minds…

Nicholas C. Rossis

I haven’t written about Twitter in a while, so I hope you’ll enjoy this post. If you want to read more on the subject, check out this older post, Show, Don’t Tell, on Twitter.

Manoj Rupareliya | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's bookManoj Rupareliya, an Online Marketing Expert and Blogger, has kindly written for us this guide for authors using Twitter. Manoj is an experienced writer himself, specializing in the fields of technology, blockchain, crypto, AI, Digital Marketing, and SEO. All his posts are aimed at providing credible help and insights for readers who want to stay updated all the time. Connect with him on Linkedin and Twitter.

Twitter For Authors: The Ultimate Guide

Twitter tips for authors | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's book

Writing a book is like creating a world, whether it is fiction, non-fiction or even a mentoring book. But with digital evolution, book readers have changed their reading habits. You will now find them on digital platforms such as mobile phones and…

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Triple curve bow, the ultimate weapon in my story



In the story it’s constructed from alternating reversed layers of acacia, rhino horn, and slivers of cattle horn, substituting for ivory, bound with Ibex sinew at regular hand span intervals along each curve, the three sections were finger jointed together and heavily bound at each joint by the strong sinew. The outer-notched tips were carved from the points of Ibex horns. The bowstring was made from plaited hairs, freed by the process of boiling the rhino horn, with loops at each end tightly bound with fine strong goat hair, dipped in rendered goat fat. The centre of the bowstring, which took the most punishment from the notched arrows, was completely encased by a section of ibex windpipe soaked in a boiled mixture of beeswax and linseed oil then heat shrunk by fire.

The arrows were fashioned from carefully fire-straightened finger jointed slivers of acacia, bound with paper thin strips of goat hide along the extent of the shaft, dipped in the beeswax/linseed oil mix and allowed to dry before being fledged with the precious wing feathers Besal had plucked from Jojo’s dead body. The razor sharp barbed arrowheads were carefully shaped from fragments of Nazpa plate from the twisted remains of their shuttle wrecked after molecular charges had destroyed it, and bound securely to the acacia shafts.


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Something different…

The Lonely Author

Thank you for all of the beautiful messages of concern. They warm my battered heart. I will be responding to every single one of them.

After weeks of life threatening blood pressure levels, we finally have it down to near normal levels. Now, we begin the process of repairing my heart.

When I first returned to Florida, I purchased a ticket to a New Years Eve Masquerade ball. Tonight, I will sit at the bar DRINKING WATER, watching OTHERS DANCE, as I welcome in the New Year in a room of masked strangers.


chilly winds of melancholy
blew memories through my window
inducing a crescendo of shivers
waltzing on my flesh
haunting players of unrequited love
perform in this lonely masquerade
a sadistic, nightmare revue
as my mirror reflects
a face cloaked in smiles and laughs
failing to mask the pain
of another year without you

Happy and healthy…

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What book am I working on?


Here’s one of my favourite descriptions of one particular character – Shu :-

She stood ready for battle dressed like her berserkers. Her near naked body was exquisitely painted in henna coloured hieroglyphs and representations of desert flowers, clothed only in a thin white silk loincloth, and a cape of the same fine material thrown over her shoulders, fastened around her neck by a jewelled broach. Her slender back was protected by a circular metal and acacia shield decorated with precious stones inset around the rim and shield boss. A red crystal glowed from the pommel of her sword. The deep blue metal of her double-edged blade was decorated with exquisite engravings of battle scenes close to the hilt. A perfect red crystal in a silver filigree cage suspended by a delicate linked chain of gold around her slender neck, hung between her bare breasts, changing colour in unison with her dark red eyes. Long raven hair flowed across her shoulders occasionally fluttering in the light winds of the desert.


Here’s a clue. It is the one and only Scifi Space Opera I’ve ever written. Soon after being published I fell out with the publisher. So he removed it!

All these years later I have decided to give it another chance to be read by you the readers, under a different title. If he objects – too bad!!!

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Another from Peter…


Our first dance together was at ages five and six, the picture is in an album at my mother’s. We, Clara and I,met at junior school and then shared the same senior school: through careful planning we managed to go to the same university. She was always the more sensible one, the careful one: the girl who chided me on my excesses. Even when we were very young, I behaved as I wanted to, but was moderated always by her caring stability and common sense.

She was unadventurous, and crippled by social caution and over influenced by the opinions of others I always thought, and I was always telling her to breath the air and live a little, On some level we irritated each other or stimulated each other: it was hard to decide which, but whatever the situation we always trusted each other. She would scolded me constantly and…

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The First Reviews

The Magisters

7 January 2020

The Magisters is a well-told tale; based on a lot of what we think we know about our past. What is the real purpose of a collection of monuments scattered over the globe? Are the things we believe really true?
With Jack’s usual flair he blurs the line where his imagination takes over from the history we have been taught, leading us into what might happen next and why. He addresses important issues in this fast-moving story, the end of which suggests that book two will be forthcoming.
Soon, please.

M.J. Mallon

Jan 06, 2020 M.J. Mallon rated it it was amazing

This engaging story makes the reader wonder. What if our ancient monuments were resurrected, what would the outcome be? And what would happen if a modern day man could meet a beautiful woman from a previous time period? This, and many other questions are answered, some with a political/environmental slant.
Certain lines in the novella made me wish we could be the ones wielding an other- worldly Science Fiction power over our Politicians! Now, wouldn’t that be great?!I believe this is book one and there is more to come. #highlyrecommended #reading.

Chris The Story Reading Ape

Jan 05, 2020 Chris The Story Reading Ape rated it really liked it

Interesting and unsettling scenario…

What if Academics were proven wrong about the purpose of prehistoric structures scattered around Earth?
This short tale depicts how they, plus, world leaders and general humanity, would likely react when the truth is revealed.