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The following is a balanced review you will never see anywhere other than here because Amazon wouldn’t let its author, Nicholas Rossis, post it. According to Amazon, he knows me. Well duh! Of course we know each other – we’re writers of science fiction.

Guess what Amazon – writers actually talk to one another, sharing ideas!!!


 Céleste—a review

I’ve been following Eason for a while now, and have read most of his books. Like most of us, he has a few central themes that dominate his writing. In his case, these include the idea of aliens having helped humanity advance—aliens whose names survived the ages in the guise of gods.

Another theme is human greed and the devastation this will inevitably cause on our planet. Eason is convinced we will be forced to explore other planets to ensure the survival of our species, whether we like it or not.

His last passion is relationships, especially those breaking traditional gender boundaries. Humanity’s sexuality is fluid, and Eason enjoys reminding us of this fact.

These core themes of his are all present in Céleste. Without revealing too much, humanity’s hopes at finding a new home face two unexpected twists.

First, the ship’s AI not only becomes sentient, but also falls in love with the mission leader. Realizing that a non-corporeal relationship can only entice a human so much, she creates a body for herself, and starts exploring what it means to be human.

The second twist is a surprising encounter with a deadly threat, leftover from an ancient conflict. This leads the team to a meeting with one of mankind’s early gods. As expected, this god has her own agenda, and soon humanity’s explorers are embroiled in a war they’re woefully ill-prepared for. All they have is their wits—and Céleste.

In my opinion, this is Eason’s best book so far. Some of his previous books offered too much background information in conversations, which can lead to unnatural dialogue. This is kept to a minimum in Céleste , and the book benefits greatly from it.

If you’ve enjoyed Eason’s works in the past, you’ll love Céleste . It builds on his trademark combination of science fiction and wild romance, touching upon universal themes such as love and humanity’s past—and future.


So there you have it. How many more balanced reviews have Amazon disallowed? Hundreds? Thousands? Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that the tone of many reviews on Amazon is anything but balanced. Thanks for the review Nicholas, much appreciated.

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