Without Reviews Books Don’t Sell!


I’ll say it again – without reviews, books don’t sell!


Sunday last I posted about a perfectly good, balanced review for my latest science fiction romance Céleste that Amazon refused to allow because its author and I know each other. Since then, thanks to Derek Haines telling me how, it now appears as an Editorial Review on Céleste’s page on Amazon.com.

It’s bad enough that many people today don’t want to read a book. But for those that do, the number who take the time to acknowledge the book they have read by posting a genuine review are rarer than hen’s teeth. It doesn’t help matters when Amazon deliberately remove reviews willy-nilly, under the pretence of doing away with fake ones, while at the same time bending their own rules, when they openly offer professional reviews for a price. So how can they possibly justify their actions while removing reviews written by perfectly ordinary readers who bought and enjoyed any given book? The mind simply boggles at what can only be described as Amazon’s blatantly obvious double standards where reviews are concerned.

We writers are always telling you that reviews sell books. It’s a great pity that Amazon fails to appreciate that simple fact. After all, if a book doesn’t sell, they earn nothing, as does the author who did all the hard work in the first place…


From now on it’s entirely in your hands!!!


The one and only chance anyone had to get themselves a free copy of my latest scifi novella The Guardian, is at an end. As I mentioned in the previous post read hereat the end of its promotional period I said I would give the story its final edit. Well I did. Yesterday (Monday) I uploaded the totally error free version to Smashwords, Creatspace and KDP, prior to it coming online at full price.

How do I know it’s error free? Trust me, if it contained so much as a single error Smashwords would have immediately rejected it. When it comes to quality control they are extremely particular, more so than Creatspace or KDP even know how to be!

To buy your eBook copy in the format of your choice on Smashwords click here

To buy your Kindle or paperback copy at Amazon.com  click here

To buy your Kindle or paperback copy at Amazon.co.uk click here

With so many new books coming out daily, it came as no surprise to me whatsoever how few free copies were actually downloaded. The days of a free copy of any book in a promotion being taken up in its hundreds or even the low thousands are well and truly over thank goodness. In The Guardian’s case, over the five day period one hundred and five free Kindle copies were taken. If you are interested in sales statistics, here is its final rating at the end of the promo.

Amazon.com rating:

#27 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Erotica > Science Fiction

#1517 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction

Amazon.co.uk rating:
#7,003 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)

#21 in Kindle Store > Books > Literature & Fiction > Erotica > Science Fiction

In Amazon.com’s case the best it placed was nineteenth in the top one hundred free list. In Amazon.co.uk’s case it achieved even better at sixteenth.


Well that’s it. I can do no more, except to continue advertising it on numerous social media sites, and here on my blog from time to time. Now its fate is in your hands. You need to read and review it. If you don’t, it will wind up among the millions of unread books out there. Even if science fiction, or in this case – erotic science fiction, isn’t necessarily your bag, the very least you can do is to help spread the word by reblogging this post, and by uploading the above links on your Facebook page and Twitter feed as well as any other’s you may contribute too. Plus, don’t forget to recommend it to a friend.

PS – If you do decide to follow Chris-The Story Reading Ape’s example (thanks Chris, much appreciated) by writing a review, please make sure that you post it separately on the Amazon site for your country as well as Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, both on the Kindle and paperback versions. Why? Because any review posted on Amazon.com does not automatically get added to the Amazon site you purchased your Kindle or paperback copy from in your respective countries, and vice versa. While you are at it, don’t forget to add your review on Smashwords (click on the link above) as well pretty please.

PPS – now its high time this writer took a much needed rest until next year.




A deep reluctance for affirmative action by Amazon’s CEO


If Twitter UK can be embarrassed into acting quickly, ridding itself of cyber bullies and other assorted trolls by the British news media, backed by the government, plus to have them arrested and publically exposed to the nation, then why hasn’t the head office of Amazon in the United States been forced to take the same action when it comes to attacks by trolls on Indie writers who are ordinary law abiding citizens like you and I?

Could it be that the reason it has happened is simply because the UK victims of the Twitter troll attacks and cyber bullying are all prominent women?  One of them is Professor Mary Beard who was threatened with a bomb  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/23565145 . Another is Caroline Criado-Perez, the woman who campaigned successfully to get the face of the eighteenth century author Jane Austin on the UK ten pound note, something which should have happened decades ago.

Why is it that the US government is seemingly reluctant to take on Amazon over its deliberate protection of cyber bullies? What will it take to force them into action I wonder? May I suggest that if a senior US politician had been attacked for daring to write a novel and promote it on Amazon and its degenerate subsidiary Goodreads, the government would have closed ranks around the writer in question and moved heaven and earth to solve the situation?

The time has long since passed for any hope of Amazon doing the decent thing voluntarily. I would argue that the US government needs to publically embarrass the CEO of Amazon into affirmative action. If it means that it prosecutes Amazon, demanding a massive fine running into the tens of billions if Amazon refuses to comply, so be it. What Trump and his government need to decide right now is who is the more powerful in the land,  them or Amazon? So what if Amazon and other major corporations donate to the various political party funds? In this instance being loyal to your financial backers has to take a back seat to the rights of the common man or woman.

The only people who care about the on-going, mostly foul mouthed attacks by the trolls on Goodreads and Amazon are their victims – the Indie writers concerned. The problem is that not one of them can be classed as a prominent citizen. If they were then maybe Amazon would have been forced to close down Goodreads once and for all and to rid its own shadowy chat rooms of the trolls who inhabit them. Amazon claim that while they do not condone personal attacks, when it comes to removing an attack thinly disguised as a one star review, they are seemingly reluctant to do so. Who is in charge at Amazon? It certainly is not Amazon’s boss – Jeffrey P. Bezos