Have times really changed for mankind?


Cyprus – the latest country to experience EU financial austerity measures

While we may be living in the early years of the twenty-first century, to an outsider visiting our planet, you could forgive them for thinking that nothing has really changed for humanity.

Countless millions are out of work. Disease is rife, civil unrest is on the rise. Wars and hunger kills millions daily. But despite all this, the financially greedy and power hungry still remain in charge. Our world was plunged into chaos by greedy investment bankers in 2008. How many were prosecuted? Instead of punishing them, the various governments of the world punish their own citizens with crippling austerity cuts.

We hear that by the end of this century the world’s population will exceed 15 billion. As I write, it is inexorably approaching 7 billion.


The great experiment that is the European Union and its single currency, the Euro, is failing dismally. Financial ministers across Europe voted to increase the amount of money set up in a contingency bail-out fund. They also called for all banks to write off fifty per cent of debt owed them by those countries fast becoming insolvent like Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. All this was designed to assist those country’s within the EU that cannot settle their national debt. Has it worked? No! Despite this financial sticking plaster, nothing will really change for the ordinary man or woman on the street, except more financial misery. What will the bank’s response be? Simple – they will merely pass on that debt to their ordinary customers like you and I, who don’t count in their eyes, except as cash cows to be milked till we bleed.

According to the BBC news today, the latest country to bring in emergency financial measures is Cyprus. They are going to levy every bank account by approximately ten percent as part of an EU directive to help the fast failing economy. In fact they have already frozen all bank accounts to stop depositors from withdrawing their money before the levy occurs. Beside the locals there are thousands of expats who moved to Cyprus to live out the rest of their lives somewhere warm and sunny, reliant on their pension being paid into their bank accounts from their respective home countries. Yet again the common man is being punished for something he did not do!


How much longer will it be before we all finally cease to tolerate the way the rich and power hungry totally ignore the wishes of the general population? What will it take to bring sanity and wellbeing back I wonder, another world war perhaps? Don’t forget that because of poverty, mass unemployment and austerity measures, fascism rose in Germany and Italy during the 1930’s.

Nothing really changes for mankind does it, only time itself. We are only half a step away from reverting back to the life of our ancestors, one or two hundred years in the past, where the rich grew richer while the vast majority starved.

Oh no wait a minute, thinking about it, we’re already there.

Are we happy?

 Iain Duncan Smith MP. Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

With all that has happened here in the UK recently since this coalition government took control I begin to ask myself the question – are we really in a recession, or are we being conned? I firmly believe that we being dragged back to a time when the average human being in this country was required to doff his cap or touch his forelock whenever an upper class twit entered the room? This is the twenty-first century Mr Prime Minister, not the nineteenth!

Our government has broken or gone back on every election promise it made concerning the elderly and the poor, when they clearly promised in their election manifesto to look after those self same people. Instead of instigating cost cutting measures within institutions like our National Health hospitals, which used to be the envy of the world for their caring attitude towards patients, you should be increasing the amount of money available for them. Is it any wonder that so many people are now dieing due to lack of care when the nursing staff are no longer dedicated professionals, but poorly trained agency employees, often without a working knowledge of the language, with a complete lack of compassion?

Not too long ago our completely out of touch Prime Minister wanted to spend a few million on a nationwide survey asking the populace whether or not we are happy – what was he thinking?

Students rioted over the proposed massive hike in tuition fees being proposed and who can blame them. If and when the new crop of students graduate, on average most will be saddled with a massive debt of approximately £40,000!

Regarding those among the population who are unemployed for various reasons; instead of making their existence even worse than it is at present, why not forcibly encourage the businesses of this land to create worthwhile, financially rewarding jobs instead of directing the unemployed to seek demeaning below minimum wage jobs, merely to make the government statistics on employment look good to the world at large.

Some people have even been forced to do work for zero pay to receive their Jobseekers Allowance as evidenced by the recent successful case brought against Iain Duncan Smith’s Department of Work and Pensions by a young woman brave enough to stand up to his bullying regime.

Our government is busy emasculating this nation’s vital armed services, while at the same time making promises of men and arms in various conflicts across the world. What use is a modern navy without a fully functional aircraft carrier complete with its fighter aircraft ready for action at a moment’s notice wherever it may be needed to help defend the realm? Plus, what use in an airforce without its jets and the bases to operate them from, or an army without adequate up to date weaponry and body armour?

Plus, think of the thousands of people and their families whose livelihoods depend on those armed forces bases and the personnel running them, who, if this insanity is allowed to become law, will join the swelling ranks of the unemployed.

The answer to your question about the nation’s happiness Mr Prime Minister, no we are not happy when your target the elderly, or those who through no fault of their own are disabled plus the ever swelling ranks of the poor. Nor are we happy that you seem determined to place our country’s defences in a precarious state while kowtowing to the very people who caused all of the financial problems in the first place – the greedy investment bankers!

I am now firmly of the opinion that here in the UK the inmates are running the asylum…