I’m Not Playing Your Stupid Games Anymore!!!


I’ve spoken of this in the past. Yet it keeps on happening. What am I talking about? Corporate greed and mind games. This morning I received not one but two snail mail letters from my current (no pun intended) energy supplier. The first asked me to do their job for them yet again by sending them a meter reading. The second negated the first by saying they had already got a meter reading and that it would be part of my next estimated bill – note they did say part, not the whole. If thats the case, why ask me to read the meter, which is clearly pointless in the first place?

I’ve obliged in the past on a number of occasions. But sending a reading never once lowered my electricity bill to an acceptable level no matter which energy provider I deal with, and I’ve dealt with a few over the years believe me. If anything, the amount they say I owe always increases after a meter reading. In other words, they still insist on a bill being based on guestimates of my quarterly electricity usage, combined with how much money they think they can extort from me to help expand their business and keep their shareholders happy.

So why should we cooperate with them by sending them a meter reading when we all know they will continue fleecing us come what may? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. To them we’re nothing more than cash cows to be exploited!

Now I’m back on their case over their promise to install a smart meter. The appointment for the installation was the eight of March last. Needless to say they failed to turn up. I’ve been emailing them ever since to find out why they welched on the deal. All it gets me is their bog standard stonewalling reply – Thank you for your email. We’re really sorry, due to the continued Covid-19 outbreak, we may take longer than we’d like to respond to you. Your query is really important to us, however at present we’re prioritising emergencies. Please do not reply to this email as this is an automated response. They also sent another email asking for my name and address. If an official appointment to install a smart meter isn’t a priority, I’d like to know what the hell is!

This is their second form of stonewalling! By replying in this way they hope that I will grow tired of the whole thing and go away. Fat chance! They don’t know me at all…

If we were still living in the good old days when you only ever paid for the actual amount of eletricity used, based on the monthly meter readings by one of the provider’s employees, I would have no problem at all. But sadly those days are long gone. While they continue to rip off their customers there is no way I will cooperate with them! Even following the advice of various consumer groups who are constantly telling us to change energy providers if we’re disatissfied is completely pointless, given the simple fact that all energy providers are private businesses, out to make a profit at the expense of the user, knowing they have us over a barrel!

So Scottish and Southern Energy, think on! Until you tell me that as a customer of yours, you have my best interest at heart – fat chance, you know what my response will always be from now on. Your letters will be consigned to the paper shredder, and your emails will wind up in the trash! Get it through your thick corporate skulls, I’m sick and tired of playing your silly mind games!!! This all started back in 2015…

Whoever thought that privatising the country’s energy supply was a good idea, needs to be put up against a wall and shot! If the water and sewerage companies can keep their prices at an acceptable level by asking us to pay for what their meters tell them, even though they need to maintain and expand their infrastucture as well, why then can’t the electricity suppliers do the same thing?

Bring back nationalisation of the energy supply!

Bah Humbug