Journey’s end – well almost!

CELESTE cover 8,5 x 11

The end of the final chapter of Céleste’s tale is in sight. I now have to decide which one of a number of endings I have in mind, is the one I eventually settle upon.

Decisions, decisions…

I freely admit, it’s not often that I wish I could carry on writing a particular story quite literaly for ever. But in this instance, that’s exactly how I feel. I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Céleste as I do with each of my heroines, every time I write a new story. Nothing unusual there.

As for how I feel about her fellow travellers, Rieko, Andreas, Flávia, Lukas and David, ours is the kind of love/hate relationship familiar to everyone at work or at home. You will understand what I mean when you are able read the Ebook version for yourselves in a few short weeks from now, after I’ve reformatted and checked it one last time, prior to publishing.

Back to the choice of ending – do I allow them to all live happily ever after? Perhaps one or more of them dies? Maybe something untoward happens to my darling Céleste?

Whoa, that last one is not going to happen!

If you think for one moment that I would allow anyone or anything to harm a hair on her beautiful head, you can forget it! I mean to say, would you wish her harm, or any woman come to that? I could never bring myself to think along those lines in real life, let alone in this instance for crying out loud!

“Oh for god’s sake Eason, get a grip!” I hear you cry.

I know, I know, Céleste is only a figment of my imagination, but even so… When it comes to the female of the species, real or imaginary, I’m a romantic, so shoot me!

Back to business – apart from the first two options, I have a few more possibilities up my metaphoric sleeve. Then again, perhaps I could simply leave the story hanging, inferring there was more to come?

In that regard, at the moment for a sequel to be on the cards depends on whether or not all of you liked reading Céleste’s tale of love, hate, revenge and danger among the stars in the first place.

In other words, if after reading it, let us say that between fifty and a hundred of you spread the word by positively reviewing the novella on your own blogs and anywhere else you can think of, preferably before you think of including it on Amazon, by telling everyone how much you loved reading the book, in return I’ll be more than happy to oblige you with a sequel. Whether or not I eventually publish a paperback version, also depends on how the Ebook is received.

Thanks folks, that’s all for now. I’ve got some more thinking to do…

Love you all, take care,



Another update for my work in progress – Céleste


You will be pleased to hear, at least I hope you are, that it proceeds well. I’m about to start another part of Céleste’s story, having written slightly over ten thousand words so far. Only another fifty or sixty thousand to go. You never know, if it takes me to places I haven’t even thought of yet it might even stretch to one hundred thousand.

Chris The Story Reading Ape has all the information he needs to produce the cover this tale of mixed emotions and danger among the stars demands. I can’t wait to see what he eventually comes up with given that I’ve emphasised how I want it to look, which leaves him very little leeway, especially where the cover’s photographic quality is concerned.

By only dealing with five human characters, plus Céleste and the ship itself, makes writing this story so much easier. There is more than enough to be going on with, expecially when it comes to the way they all interact with one another. At this juncture, I must make mention of the fact that as the story has begun to slowly unfold, anger, jealousy, resentment and murderous thoughts have already reared their ugly heads. God only knows what will happen next.

Well I’d better get back to it. I freely admit I am the devoted slave of two exotic beauties, Céleste and my muse Bianca. As I write this they are calling me back to work once more. What man in his right mind would contemplate disobeying them. Certainly not I.


She who must be obeyed

  That’s all for now,

Jack 😀