I’ve always suspected this to be the case…


… but until now there was precious little evidence to back up my theory.

If you live in a country like England, when it comes to making it as a serious writer, believe it or not the two things that will always determine whether or not you succeed are your social class and which school you went to. If you are working class and attended a state school, forget it the publishing houses simply aren’t interested!!

Yesterday the BBC showed a program about why most of today’s top British actors are no longer working class.


The same criteria applies to many of today’s writers here in England, unlike Scotland who treasure their working class authors, actors and artists.


Fact – unless you are the product of a privileged upbringing (upper middle class or above), meaning you went to a public school like Eton or Harrow and then on to Oxbridge, you will never be taken seriously as a writer in England! After you have read the articles for which I’ve provided you two links, I defy anyone to prove otherwise. Believe it or not acceptance by the publishers has got damn all to do with talent and everything to do with who your people are!

Bah humbug