Mrs Brown’s Boys

I thought you could all do with cheering up.

For years now when it comes to good old fashioned non PC belly laugh humour, shown between 7 – 9pm, the UK television channels have been sadly lacking. The same goes for full on variety shows like Sunday Night at the Palladium. These days what’s on offer most days of the week, and especially during the weekend, is mainly repeats of repeats, usually by the program in question being shown as ‘new’ on a different channel.

Who do they think they’re kidding?

At long last, once again there is a totally non PC, classic old fashioned comedy show called Mrs Brown’s Boys. Mrs Brown is written, produced, directed and played by the brilliant Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll. Most of the cast are actually members of his family. When it first appeared on our screens, the stuffed shirts at the BBC hoped that a public outcry would ensue, demanding it be axed. Needless to say it backfired on them. Mrs Brown’s Boys was exactly what the nine million plus viewers who watch it on a regular basis needed. Even so, the po-faced programme schedulers ensured that it appears after ten pm, just in case three individuals with no sense of humour, inevitably write in complaining about it being shown at peak viewing time.

Even classic American humour like The Carrol Burnett show, featuring the slapstick clown Tim Conway and his sidekick Roger Korman, who always corpsed at Tim’s antics, are sadly a thing of the past.

Mrs Browns Boys has collected the Best Situation Comedy award at the BAFTA’s on several occasions. Millions of us are now hardcore Mrs Brown fans, absolutely loving each half hour episode. It’s fourth season has just finished. Like all of O’Carroll’s fans over here I can’t wait for the next season to begin. To my American cousins I merely say this, if you can’t understand the way the Irish cast speak, don’t worry about it, just go with the flow. O’Carroll’s physical humour will keep you in stitches too.  😉

Here is a brilliant example of Mammy at her hilarious best…