Rate our Product


Is it just me or do most people really hate being asked to rate or review a product online? Who benefits from knowing whether or not the pair of socks I bought is the right colour, length, or whether they are wool, cotton or synthetic?

Usually if you weaken and do one of these surveys, you have to wade your way through endless pages of crass questions such as:

How would you rate this product for comfort?

  1. Itchy
  2. Makes my feet sweat
  3. It brings on my allergy
  4. Matches my acne
  5. If other, please specify

What’s the bloody point? After spending an hour navigating my way through a site looking for the damned socks in the first place, you would think that surely all they have to do is note the particular pair I bought and be satisfied that I had chosen them to make the purchase. But no; they also want to know my ethnicity, my age, my marital status, how much I earn, the colour of my eyes and what damned country I live in, just to name a few non purchase items of personal information!

In a moment of weakness this morning I did one of these surveys for a well known and highly respected American news magazine, which I used to subscribe too when it was only available as an actual physical magazine, after following a particular news item link.

To say that most of the questions were obviously designed by a team of mental retards would be a major understatement. After working my way down the second question’s page of twenty ridiculous choices, I decided to just click on any answer for the remaining forty questions. Yes, that’s right; there were forty-two of the damned things! It took me a good quarter of an hour before I finally finished it.

Normally whenever a social interaction site like Facebook asks me “How are you today,” or to rate why I use a specific section of it more than others, I always ignore them, unless I feel an attack of facetiousness coming on, in which case I usually give them the answer they definitely weren’t looking for like, “Mind your own damned business!”

Unfortunately the news magazine site in question caught me at a weak moment while I was waiting for the caffeine from my morning coffee to kick in…