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When it comes to meaningful dialogue with our readers it rarely if ever happens, more’s the pity. We writers need the one to one connection. Not just a b….y ‘like’ on Facebook or Twitter!!!

As for reviews, all they tell us is that the individual responsible for it either loved or hated the book in question. I had one so-called reviewer not long ago who demanded that he got his money back, when in fact he had read a giveaway copy of the book he loathed so much. Then again, have you noticed how books written by Indies tend to attract the attention of complete morons!!!

Most writers like myself have a blog like this one where you can leave comments below a post, and a Facebook page where you can voice your thoughts in person on any book written by any of us, should you choose to do so. Or if you want, we can just chat about something else entirely. The point is that by chatting, we get to know each other, hopefully forging a lasting friendship. Trolls never openly engage with any author on Facebook. Why? Because FB doesn’t allow pseudonyms, the trolls favourite hiding place! One recently made the mistake of writing his review having read a free copy of one of my books, using his own name. Then approached me on FB to say he had just posted it. For a few weeks he hung around on one specific writers page I frequent, hoping to find allies. He was disappointed to find that writers tend to support each other, not trolls. So he left. I still check the list of people who view my blog posts on that specific FB page, just in case he sneaks back…

Like you, every writer is plagued with the typical faults, passions and emotions that all human beings share. Some like myself are known to hold strong views on varying subjects. Don’t let that necessarily put you off talking to any of us. We’re not ogres. Just battle-hardened…

Now here is a link to an interview every prospective writer needs to read: https://bookwormex.com/bob-van-laerhoven-interview/


Without Reviews Books Don’t Sell!


I’ll say it again – without reviews, books don’t sell!


Sunday last I posted about a perfectly good, balanced review for my latest science fiction romance Céleste that Amazon refused to allow because its author and I know each other. Since then, thanks to Derek Haines telling me how, it now appears as an Editorial Review on Céleste’s page on Amazon.com.

It’s bad enough that many people today don’t want to read a book. But for those that do, the number who take the time to acknowledge the book they have read by posting a genuine review are rarer than hen’s teeth. It doesn’t help matters when Amazon deliberately remove reviews willy-nilly, under the pretence of doing away with fake ones, while at the same time bending their own rules, when they openly offer professional reviews for a price. So how can they possibly justify their actions while removing reviews written by perfectly ordinary readers who bought and enjoyed any given book? The mind simply boggles at what can only be described as Amazon’s blatantly obvious double standards where reviews are concerned.

We writers are always telling you that reviews sell books. It’s a great pity that Amazon fails to appreciate that simple fact. After all, if a book doesn’t sell, they earn nothing, as does the author who did all the hard work in the first place…


A book I am extremely proud of – The Forgotten Age


The Forgotten Age Reviews

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In the world of archaeology, some things are just not meant to be. Only the brave or foolhardy will ever dare to challenge the establishment and its accepted theories. Previously, Dr Nick Palmer had proved himself beyond any reasonable doubt by saving the Earth and the entire Solar system from total destruction on December, 21st, 2012, enabling humanity’s seventh age to begin.
Now it was time to upset the academic world once and for all. He returns to Egypt to find the fabled library of the ancients to disprove the blinkered thinking over who was responsible for sculpting the Sphinx as well as establishing the true purpose of the pyramids. Along the way he is joined once again by most of his old team and a few new recruits. In their bid for proof they are subjected to all manner of obstacles put in their path.
Apart from attempted murder, kidnapping and torture, even the environment is hostile towards Nick and his team in his latest adventure. Will he succeed in his quest for the truth about the Sphinx and the pyramids? Find out when you read “The Forgotten Age”.


A short extract for your delectation:

When Nick, Victor and Mehtab returned to base with the news of their latest discovery, they found the rest of the team were crowded around Alexei, listening to his account of what had happened hours earlier. One thing was abundantly clear – Qudamah and Nicolai had to be saved at all costs.

“Where would they have been taken Faisal?” David asked.

“The nearest police station is the most likely place. It’s in the Nazlet Al-Samman district just beyond the plateau,” Faisal began, “I doubt that they would have been taken to police headquarters in Cairo yet. Aazim’s guards will want to have their fun with them first. If they are anywhere it will be there.”

The rescue operation went into immediate effect. Whether Nick liked it or not he had to put aside his suspicions about Faisal, plus his misgivings about using the hazardous sewers if they were going to be able to rescue their friends.

He called for volunteers. Alexei, Dmitri and Gheorgi immediately stood up. Faisal said he would act as guide through the sewers. Between them they each shouldered a dive bottle and mask, arming themselves with an AK47, spare ammunition, hand grenades, plus a side arm and what was left of the C4, before climbing the pit shaft ladder. The only one who didn’t volunteer for the rescue mission was Mehtab.


At the opening above the outfall they donned their breathing gear before descending to the sewer system below. Knowing they could do nothing to help for the moment, David and Kolya reluctantly returned to the base camp after watching the rescue team descend. Victor remained at the opening with the last mask and air bottle, ready to haul Nick and the rest back up when they reappeared below.

Nervously keeping an eye out for the large Nile crocodile, Faisal led them through the ancient sewer system to a storm drain outside the Nazlet police station. It was roughly mid-afternoon when they arrived. They could go no further until darkness fell and the streets became relatively deserted.

While they reluctantly had no choice but to wait, Nick casually asked Faisal how he knew so much about the sewer system. The answer was simplicity itself. He had been born here in Nazlet Al-Samman. When he was a child, he and his friends often played in the sewers, much to the great annoyance of their mothers. Back then their young minds were filled with wonderful tales like Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves. Many happy hours were spent searching for imaginary treasure, or pretending to be soldiers in Saladin’s glorious army, killing Christian crusaders.

Day finally turned to night. After Alexei and Faisal had pried the storm drain cover open, Gheorgi and Dmitri quickly and quietly climbed up into the empty street and stole off into the shadows making their way to the rear of the police station, while Nick, Faisal and Alexei prepared to storm the front entrance. 

Gheorgi set the last of the C4 against the station’s rear wall, using a grenade as a detonator while Dmitri kept watch from the street. Pulling the pin, Gheorgi dived for cover seconds before the grenade and C4 did the one and only job they were designed for. 

Inside the tight confines of the tiny police station the resultant explosion caused instant death for some, while total panic sent the rest diving for cover. Nick, Faisal and Alexei burst through the police station’s door firing at anything that moved in the swirling cloud of dust created by the explosion, while tossing grenades into all the rooms they came across, killing anyone hiding in them.

In the confusion Gheorgi caught Aazim as he tried to escape, quickly knocking him out with one blow from his AK47’s butt. At first he didn’t recognise him until Dmitri pointed out who he is. Sensing that Nicolai and Nick would want to interrogate him for themselves, he quickly dragged the unconscious Egyptologist back through the hole in the rear wall of the police station and across the street, before unceremoniously dumping him into the storm drain.

Within three minutes the operation was over and they were all making their way back to the base camp via the sewers, having left no clues behind to who was responsible. Nicolai and Qudamah had been found in a pitiful state. Common decency and revenge demanded that someone must pay for the way they had been treated. While Nick and Alexei supported Nicolai between them, Dmitri gently carried young Qudamah in his arms, sharing his oxygen mask with him. Gheorgi followed not far behind, dragging his unconscious prize through the stinking sewers. Maybe they could trade him for food. Or perhaps they could at last convince the authorities that he had deliberately hidden any and all information about the library of the ancients. At that moment in time anything was a possibility.

A few minutes after they had made their escape, Nazlet’s streets were in total uproar. Vehicles full of heavily armed police and soldiers had just arrived at the scene of total devastation.


The rescuers stopped briefly to take a rest and to ensure they weren’t being followed. In between welcome breaths of oxygen from Nick’s facemask, Nicolai told him what had happened to Qudamah. Before Aazim began questioning him, he had taken great delight in informing him how the young man had been treated, promising him the same fate unless he answered his questions. Nick was enraged. Qudamah had been brutally sodomised by two of the now dead guards, as well as being flogged mercilessly on Aazim’s orders.

An hour later they all stood around Victor at the opening above the sewer outfall, watching as the large Nile crocodile slowly appeared from a side tunnel to eat the meal he had been left. Aazim was now wide awake and completely terrified as he watched the killing machine slowly approach. He lay bound and gagged unable to move less than two metres away from the fearsome monster’s powerful jaws. No one above ground heard his final scream when he was slowly torn apart. Qudamah had been avenged.


And finally, some reviews:

4.0 out of 5 stars A Thoroughly Enjoyable Read, November 16, 2012
This review is from: The Forgotten Age (Kindle Edition)

I couldn’t help thinking about Indiana Jones while I was reading about Nick Palmer’s adventures in The Forgotten Age by Jack Eason. A rollicking adventure of caves, tunnels, hidden entrances and unreliable maps leading to …. well, I won’t write a spoiler here. Enough to say that this is a very well written adventure tale with plenty of twists and turns along the way. If you have any interest in ancient myths, Egyptology or archaeology, you’ll surely enjoy this new Nick Palmer story.

4.0 out of 5 stars Captivating writing style, December 7, 2012
This review is from: The Forgotten Age (Kindle Edition)

There are some people who never give up on their dreams. Nick Palmer was one of those people. After saving the earth from destruction, his next project would be to go to Egypt, once again, and locate the library of the ancient peoples to prove who was responsible once and for all for sculpting the Sphinx. He also added to his quest the ancient myth concerning the purpose of the pyramids.

Fortunate to have his familiar team members join him in his quest was an advantage for Palmer. But the fun part of The Forgotten Age, were the new recruits he picked up along the way.

The adventures Palmer and his team encounter are predictable to any adventure book or movie. It is the writing style of Jack Eason in The Forgotten Age that is captivating. Anyone who enjoys a good adventure story, especially about Egypt archaeology, will appreciate The Forgotten Age by Jack Eason.

I was disappointed the story was predictable. What makes a five star review, for me, is unpredictability.

5.0 out of 5 stars A GREAT READ…, November 20, 2012
This review is from: The Forgotten Age (Kindle Edition)

“Jack Eason is a master storyteller of this historic-cum-science fiction genre. His latest book Forgotten Age is a riveting page-turner tale..read it!” Robert Bauval, author of The Orion Mystery

3.0 out of 5 stars Indiana Jones on fast forward!, December 19, 2012
Paula Boer (Badja, NSW, AU) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Forgotten Age (Kindle Edition)

For me, reading the Forgotten Age was a whirlwind tour of Egyptology. The story is good but I would have preferred many of the scenes to have been played out rather than described in a brief sentence or two. Having not read the prequel, I didn’t have time to get to know the characters so, with their unfamiliar (and to me unpronounceable) names, it was hard to keep up with who was who.

The action never stops and, although unbelievable at times, the civil conflict in Egypt and the forecast end of the world on Dec 21 2012 are very topical – maybe I read it a day early? (Today is Dec 20 2012) The twists and turns have goodies turning into baddies so fast it makes your head spin. Maybe that’s the idea.

Anyone who likes Jack Eason’s writing will enjoy this short book. But PLEASE Jack, make them longer in future and give us the full benefit of all your wonderful ideas and plots!

5.0 out of 5 stars Yet another Good Read from Jack Eason, January 14, 2013
This review is from: The Forgotten Age (Kindle Edition)

Jack has produced another page turner.. I do enjoy being drawn into a story and being kept in there as almost part of it.. For me this is a “Great Yarn” about a lot of subjects I like to discuss.

Mr Eason has done a grand Job of telling really good story.

4.0 out of 5 stars Keep them coming, Jack!, November 27, 2012
This review is from: The Forgotten Age (Kindle Edition)

Another cracking read from the up-coming Jack Eason.
With the Author’s flair for memorable characters and ancient knowledge, this is another page tuner in the Nick Palmer chronicles.
The story twists, turns and teaches as it unfolds before you. I find myself instantly relating to the characters, with all their complex human imperfections.
Jack Eason has a unique way of unveiling the unseen and changing your perspective on things at his whim.
All in all, a well written story that cannot fail to impress anyone with a spirit for imagination.

4.0 out of 5 stars Another Great Archaeological Adventure, November 22, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Forgotten Age (Kindle Edition)

In this sequel to his book, The Seventh Age, Jack brings back Nick Palmer once again for a new adventure. I was lucky enough to buy the very first Amazon US copy. Another great read by a great author. I highly recommend this book. Keep an eye on Jack Eason, he is a rising star.

4.0 out of 5 stars I WANT MORE !, November 19, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Forgotten Age (Kindle Edition)

Jack Eason has done it again , I am anxiously awaiting the next novel after just having finished The Forgotten Age in one day . I could not put it down . His portrayal of such realistic characters embroils and invests you in their saga . Notwithstanding , the historical values and storyline combine to enlist you in an expedition with complete suspension of disbelief . He is a rare pleasure to read and I look forward to reading everything he produces . Definitely left me wanting more .
The Forgotten Age

5.0 out of 5 stars A roller coaster of a ride., November 28, 2012
Gerald Neal (Harwich Essex) – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Forgotten Age (Kindle Edition)

The Forgotten Age I don’t often give out five stars on a review but Jack Eason’s The Forgotten Age deserves all five. This book that follows on from The Seventh Age, enthralled me from Prologue to Epilogue and all chapters between. I have to declare an interest here, as I’ve always been fascinated with Egyptology and archaeology so it was no hardship for me to read this new Nick Palmer adventure that kept rolling along like a runaway roller coaster – and with such credible characters for first-rate company along the way. I can say definitely worth adding to your wish list or better still buy it today.