Men – please pay attention!


Scarlett Johansson

The other day, purely to prove a point to myself, I deliberately posted the above photograph of the American actress Scarlett Johansson on her Official FaceBook Page as an experiment. As I have always believed, a considerable number of males using the FaceBook site, in general are not necessarily interested in written posts. Nor pictures of other people’s kids, holidays or pets, come to that. I’m sorry ladies, but there it is. While you love seeing them, most males don’t…

So far the photograph has received well over eight hundred hits, likes and comments from men across the planet. By comparison, I’m lucky if one of my blog posts gains twenty hits even though the number of people following this blog is currently 895.

What does it say about the average male using Facebook? It tells me something that all woman already knew. When it comes right down to it, we’re all suckers for a beautiful face. In other words we’re utterly normal. I’m no different to any other mere male where female beauty is concerned.

Before any of you ladies feel the need to remind me, I’m familiar with the old saying – beauty is only skin deep. There is another specifically for married men to remember – you can look but don’t touch! Even you ladies have to admit that she is a lovely looking example of womanhood.

Because she is the highest grossing actress in Hollywood, what she is like to live with is anyone’s guess. While looking at various photographs of her on FaceBook, a few words immediately spring to mind. One is demanding, the second is fiery, and the third is diva…

A thought just occurred – my normal blog posts are lucky to get more than a handful of likes or hits on FaceBook. Maybe in the future I should add a photograph of a beautiful woman to the version of my posts sent to the site if I want other men to read them.

I wonder what the chances of that happening are? Slim to none I’d say.