It was out of my hands!


Yesterday I had one of the weirdest experiences. A few days ago the McAfee Quickscan function froze when I paused it. Try as I might I could not get the darned thing to reboot itself. So in sheer desperation yesterday I contacted McAfee for help.

After filling in all of the various required fields I was put in contact with someone call Radhika Ja. Male or female – I didn’t know. Here in the UK or maybe in the US – might have been. Although thinking about it now he or she was probably in Mumbai. Once I had told him/her the problem they asked me to relinquish control of this laptop so that they could navigate their way around inside it to fix the problem.

Without doubt, it’s the weirdest sensation not being in control of what’s happening in front of you in your laptop, watching someone other than yourself operating it from a remote location. But in no time at all Radhika had fixed the problem once he/she had downloaded the diagnostic tools he/she needed and rebooted the laptop, all the while being watched by me. To see your mouse cursor moving around the screen not under your control, let alone various screens being controlled by someone else half a world away is totally crazy. Within a minute of the laptop being back up and running he/she had fixed the problem.

Normally I would not dream of handing over control of my precious laptop to anyone. But as I’ve used McAfee Antivirus software for years and totally trust them… Need I say more?

Definitely a weird experience.