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As many of my faithful blog followers and readers already know, I’m currently writing my latest work in progress, a science fiction novella, entitled The Guardian. While I am thinking about what will happen next in the story, I’m constantly doing rewrites, polishing what I’ve come up with so far. While many writers, especially those new ones hoping to break into this tough game we all play, don’t do it, this technique is by far my preferred way of working these days, as slow as it undoubtedly is.

At long last I can say that I’m satisfied with two parts of the future package, the cover shown above, and the hook to entice potential readers. So, here for your delectation is the hook that will appear along with the novella once I’ve published it (eBook only) on Amazon, later this year. Let me know what you think.


Combine the mysterious disappearance of not one, but two groups of technicians in a remote Olivine mine situated in the Ganges Chasma on Mars, during the twenty-second century, together with two illusive sinister characters, plus a scorching love affair between the hero and a member of his team, and what have you got? I’ll tell you – a tale you know you must read.


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The Next Age – An Excerpt

The Next Age 2

For those of you who have been following these occasional snippets from my latest Sci-fi novella and who love traditional science fiction as opposed to what the movie and television industries currently present to the world, which in reality is nothing more than soap opera in a space setting, here is another excerpt once again taken completely out of context, this time from the beginning of the chapter I am currently working on.

After each corvette docked within the vast automated shipyard where the process of break up would be carried out, its crew transferred via shuttle to Gogol. Five days later the CEDF now consisted of two Behemoth class battle cruisers – Gogol and its inanimate sibling Terra, named after our home planet by Glen. Both massive planet killers had their hanger decks modified to accommodate the squadrons of fighters formerly housed aboard the old corvettes, while both battle cruisers’ crews retro fitted the former fleet’s armaments to their respective ships to increase the firepower.

            “What is the best way to blindside a powerful opponent intent on destroying you gentlemen?” Glen began, at the beginning of a council of war, held in Gogol’s command centre. “I’ll tell you – attack them where they least expect it! To that end Gogol has located the Avran’s home planet.”

            “How far away are we talking here sir?” Major Moshe Jacob enquired.

            “If you will allow me to answer Glen,” Gogol began, “the planet Maal is in the Vida planetary system of the Andromeda Galaxy’s inner spiral arm. I have calculated that even travelling at the maximum speed allowable within a wormhole, it will take us at least five months to reach the galaxy. Given that our people previously suffered after just one month travelling in this manner, we would need to stop from time to time to allow recovery. The one thing we must all be is fit and alert when we reach the galaxy’s outer limits. That also applies to Terra and I. Though we are not living breathing beings like you, even we need to rest occasionally.”

And so for everyone aboard the battle cruisers, a giant leap into the unknown depths of the universe began, not with a roar, more with a whimper. Totally preoccupied by what was about to happen, Glen and the men and women serving with him merely brushed aside the fact that according to the human calendar, the month of September had arrived, considering it as an irrelevance. Not so for Gogol. This important fact meant that the Andromeda galaxy was now to be found in the constellation of Pegasus, thanks to the precession of the equinoxes, first discovered by the Greek astronomer and geographer Hipparchus in 125 BC. To give you an example – as the earth rotates about its axis it responds to the gravitational attraction of the sun upon its equatorial bulge, so that its axis of rotation describes a circle in the sky over an enormous period of approximately 26,000 years. All this actually meant was that Gogol now had to calculate a path across the vast distance between Sekker and Maal in the Andromeda Galaxy via various stars acting as waypoints, based on Sekker’s current position relative to where Andromeda appears to be. By the third week of the month, Gogol was satisfied that it had calculated the shortest route possible. The reason for using waypoints was twofold. First of all, both ship’s crews needed to recuperate from the effects of wormhole fever, a debilitating side effect of this method of space travel. Secondly, even though both ships had the capacity to create a wormhole, each one formed had a finite length. In other words it was not possible to create one long enough, which would stretch across the mindboggling distance of 2.5 million light years from Sekker in the Milky Way, to Maal in the Andromeda galaxy.

A teaser


Hi folks, I’m just keeping you up to date with the state of play with my current science fiction writing project. Here is its prologue and one paragraph taken completely out of context which I have deliberately chosen to peak your curiosity.


There was a time when mankind thought he was alone in the universe, largely thanks to the lies fed to him as fact by his religious leaders for thousands of years. Down the millennia of his existence, he was browbeaten into believing that an all-powerful God made man in his own image, and that his was the only intelligent species to be found anywhere in the firmament. From the eighteenth through to the twenty-first century, the same lies continued to be reinforced by equally narrow minded philosophers who also believed that man was alone in the universe. They were about to be proven wrong.

Astronomers and physicists back in the twenty-first century believed it would take at least one hundred thousand years to journey to the other side of the Milky Way, given the technology of the time. They also believed it would not even be possible for man to travel safely through the minefield of our own planetary system for many centuries to come, let alone uncharted space. They were proved wrong on both counts, when unbeknown to them an artefact from Earth’s twentieth century appeared on the opposite side of our galaxy. Somehow or other it had only taken a mere one thousand one hundred and thirty seven years to get there, after finally passing beyond the Solar systems outer limits in the early part of 2013. The fact that it was relatively unscathed, given all of the hazards hidden in the darkness of space which it undoubtedly had to negotiate, was a miracle in itself. Because of its discovery in another planetary system, in 3150 the Earth was visited by a representative of the sentient species who discovered it.


Barely a month had passed since Brewer Long was sworn in as the three hundred and twenty-eighth citizen ever to hold the office of President of the United States. The inevitable consequences of the assassination in America of the first alien ever to visit the Earth (even though technically speaking the United Nations building was not considered to be US soil), would either be the making or breaking of him. Either way he was glad to have his friend and old commanding officer as his military advisor. He had been a fighter pilot under Glen’s command, rising to the rank of Major before resigning his commission to become a politician like his father and grandfather before him. Inevitably there were some individuals jealous of his success who said he entered politics purely for the purpose of self-aggrandisement. While that may be true for the vast majority of politicians, in Brewer’s case nothing could be further from the truth. He saw it merely as continuing his patriotic duty to his country. His family had been involved in politics since the loose collection of thirteen colonies amalgamated to form the nucleus of the new nation known to the world as the United States of America in 1789, under the leadership of its first President, George Washington, a few short years after the American Revolutionary War with the British Crown ended in victory for the former colonists.

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