Marjorie Mallon’s book…

Here’s my review…

What do you say about a book in a genre you normally steer clear of? In the case of Marjorie Mallon’s first book The Curse of Time, Book One – Bloodstone, the first thing to say is that it demonstrates just how the author’s mind works. It gives the impression of having been written at a frenetic pace. And yet the story takes an age to unfold before the reader. Right from the start I loved the heroine Amelina. Seeing the world through the eyes of a fifteen going on sixteen year old young woman was an education for this crusty old male writer.

If I had any form of criticism to make it would be… Sorry, but I can’t think of anything bad to say about the book. While YA is not my cup of tea, I take my metaphoric hat off to Marjorie.


Well done that lady,

😉 xx