What Not To Do


I recently read something by someone who seems to have sold their soul to the devil for the sake of their reputation as a reviewer. When I mentioned that to point up formatting issues, inferring that it only happened with ‘Indie’ books, was to say the least ‘extremely bad form’ not to mention incorrect, I qualified my statement by pointing out that even some mainstream published books contain errors. The person tried to justify their action by saying that the review site they contribute to expect errors to be pointed out! They went further by saying – “I also think that some critical observations are helpful to deter some readers who 1 star books on such minor issues.”

I could not disagree more! If anything, comments of this nature by those who believe they are doing all authors a favour, inevitably attract the wrong kind of attention to the book in question! The reviewer doesn’t care,Β  but the author most certainly does!!!

I would strongly urge anyone who is contemplating setting themselves up as a reviewer, to avoid such sites like the plague if you wish to be taken seriously by all writers, whether Indie or Traditional. Its bad enough that we are already subjected to these kinds of finger pointing ‘reviews’ by Amazon’s trolls.

It always saddens me when someone forgoes decency for personal ambition…

9 thoughts on “What Not To Do

  1. I am a book reviewer. I have spotted the odd error (or more) in books before. I don’t mention it in my reviews and YES they appear in mainstream publisher’s books too. However I would point out something if the book was rendered unreadable due to excessive errors. This of course is something I’ve only seen once in a book (it looked like a first draft with every paragraph having spelling or grammar errors). I gave the person a chance to edit and didn’t post a review until it had been rectified.

    As far as selling myself, I am an honest reviewer and could never live with myself if I didn’t make an honest review. What sort of review sites though are you talking about? I really don’t know anything about book review sites…apart from my own blog but that’s just my own blog. Are these the review sites that ask authors for money in return for reviews?

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