The Belly of New York

The Belly of New York

More from Malta…

The Champagne Epicurean

We need to start talking about why you look Mexican.

Being Maltese I am – we are – sufficiently mixed with Latinate blood to pass, especially with the right facial hair, for something resembling a Mexican. Buy, my daughter, why you have to look like an Aztec princess gazing down on a queue of sacrificial victims, I don’t know.

But I have a right to know. Even though you were never born, never got to see the light of day, the whirring planet, the libidinous roller-coaster that is civilisation – you are still my daughter.

And for me, your miscarriage gave birth to the American Dream.

* * *

When your mother and I went to New York I found work as a commis chef in a decent, busy French restaurant in Midtown. My daily commute to work took me past the places even you have heard about; the Empire…

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Ani’s Advent Invitation – You are never too old to be loved by Sally Cronin

More from Ani – and her human Sue 😉

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Well, it snowed a bit here yesterday… not much, not even long enough for me to play out…and then it all disappeared. It is all very well her heaving sighs of relief, but I was looking forward to a long snowy walk! Still, she says that mysterious ‘they’ say we may have lots of snow this weekend. Mind, she says they often get it wrong too… But she’s got her hat and her boots by the door and that big fluffy coat that makes her look like a short-legged yeti… so I think she thinks they may be right this time…

I love playing in the snow. Quite apart from the fact that it might save me from having to have a bath before Christmas, it is really good fun. She plays out for ages when it snows and we walk miles. And while she throws snowballs for me and…

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…Bahrain National Day celebrations by an ol’ Scots interloper…

More from that man in Bahrain 😉

Seumas Gallacher

…celebrations are celebrations, regardless of wherever they take place… in Scotland, we have the much-lauded Hogmanay New Year’s Eve tradition, much of which, it must be confessed, as a young man in the days when I imbibed the ‘electric soup’ were lost in a mist of distilled fumes from gurgly bottles… we also have the St Andrews Day with much wheeeeching and birling and skirling of bagpipes, accompanied by lashings of wild haggis (a much better taste than the domestic variety), and we expatriate exiles from North of Hadrian’s wall are adept at adapting to our adopted environments… witness this month, in the Middle East, the National Days of Abu Dhabi (December 2) and now upon us, Bahrain’s festivities (December 16)… the event falls during the weekend in Bahrain this year, and many locals have already held events to mark the day… on Wednesday, my friends at Bahrain Islamic Bank

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What Do You Wish To Be|آرزوداریدچه بشوید

What Do You Wish To Be|آرزوداریدچه بشوید

Yet another of Laleh’s gems 😉

A Voice from Iran

There was an assignment given by a third-grade teacher to her kids in an Elementary School.


They all had to write about one subject which was: “What do you wish to be?”

The teacher collected all of her students’ assignments and took them home to read and mark them.


When she started reading and marking, one assignment engaged her attention and made her cry.


Her husband walked in and saw her crying and asked for the reason.

She said: “Read this essay please.”


Her husband started reading the essay loudly:

“Today I would like to wish in a very different way. I know it may seem strange to you but I wish I was a TV. Because everyone likes TV and they gather around it. They pay attention to the TV and listen carefully to hear it well. Everyone stays quiet to catch what the TV is saying. My father…

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2017 – the other Best Books I read this year!

The other half of the list 😉

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing

I have already posted a list of some of the authors whose books I read this year and found to be outstanding. You will find that link here.

But I read so many books in 2017, and many were great reads indeed, so I’ve divided the list into two: that first list covered authors I have promoted on my blog,
Reading Recommendations; this second list is everything else.

Because I tend to be an eclectic reader, you will find on this list: old books and newly released books, fiction and non-fiction, children’s picture books, graphic novels, memoir – even a couple of political biographies, and many books about books and reading (because I’ve been researching a series on Reading for my blog). What I have not listed are the classics and cookbooks (yes, I even read cookbooks!) that I read this year. And I read all of these…

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2017 – Some of my favourite Authors whose books I read this year!

Are you on the list?

Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing

I have read many, many books this year! Some were written by authors I have promoted previously on my other blog, Reading Recommendations, and these books I considered to be outstanding! And, in a few cases, I read more than one book by the same author. So, without further ado, here’s a list of those authors’ names and the titles of their books I read in 2017 …

(The links below will take you to that author’s original promotion on Reading Recommendations.)

Thanks to all Authors for continuing to write so well!

Gail Anderson-DargatzThe Spawning Grounds

Tim Baker24 Minutes (to be published in 2018)

Gail BowenThe Winner’s Circle

Kevin BrennanIn No Particular Order

Sharon ButalaWhere I Live Now

Paul ButlerThe Good Doctor, The Widow’s Fire

Sally CroninSam, A Shaggy Dog Story

Tricia Drammeh

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Saving my Sanity!

Saving my Sanity!

The latest from Michael. 😉


I am indebted to my brother Clive for saving my sanity this month. 

How, you ask? Good question.

You probably know already that I have written more than the average number of novels. 33 of them in my Templar series, I’ve a Hundred Years War trilogy, a Bloody Mary series, plus several collections, novellas and other bits and pieces. However, even with over forty novels written in my own name, all published by mainstream publishers, I would be grateful for a small percentage of what Dan Brown earned from one novel.

Yeah. You guessed it.

Am I jealous of his success? You bet. He did a great job of taking the main theme of The Holy Blood And The Holy Grail, invented a professor of ancient runes (or was that Terry Pratchett?) and launched himself to super stardom.

Have I read Da Vinci Code? Um – no.

No, it’s not…

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