A fond memory


Agnetha Fältskog

Back in the nineteen seventies, like many hot blooded males around the world I was infatuated by this woman. She still looks good aged sixty-eight don’t you think? I love Abba’s music…


I’m Bald and I’m Proud


Bruce Willis

Throughout the history of humanity, a large percentage of the male population have wound up bald. There no shame in this; it’s merely a fact of nature.

However, some men for reasons which totally escape me, are ashamed of becoming bald. Personally I blame male vanity together with the gentle ribbing suffered from friends, colleagues and family, especially young female family members.

With vanity or enforced shame brought on by nagging, many of the aforesaid either buy an ill-fitting toupee, which at best looks like the semi-wild neighbourhood tomcat has taken up residence on their heads, or subject themselves to implants.

Then there are the equally weak members who are browbeaten into shaving their heads by their spouses? I would suggest this sector of the male population numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Personally I’d rather be bald on top with the remainder of my head, namely around the sides and back, left alone to continue sprouting hair rather than being forced to shave my bonce to look like a convict – see the above picture of the Hollywood star Bruce Willis!

There is however one subsection of the bald fraternity who should be forced to change their hairstyle in my humble opinion. Why? Because they bring great shame to the venerable order of the bald pate!

I refer of course to the members of the dreaded comb-over brigade including the current United States President – Donald Trump. Seriously guys – having a horizontal parting just above the top of your ear running fore and aft along the side of your head is not cool! Plus, by adopting this approach to encourage what amounts to a tatty, often matted lick of hair to cover your bald spot, which inevitably flops back over your ear when a breeze blows, is definitely a no-no. So for the sake of the honourable members of the venerable order, desist forthwith or be cast out forever!

Lastly brothers remember one thing. Whether your head is shaven, or like me naturally bald on top, our domes are a natural target for skin cancers when out in the sun, no matter where we live across the planet. It’s not rocket science here guys; protect yourselves from the ravages of the sun by wearing some form of headgear.

Above all, don’t give in to public derision and family pressure my brothers. Be proud of the by-product of our testosterone induced lack of hair growth on our heads.  Carry your shiny badge of masculinity with dignity my brothers. Repeat after me, “I’m bald and I’m proud!”


…the scariest Author project I’ve ever undertaken…

Yes its that man in Abu Dhabi again….

Seumas Gallacher

…it’s not often this ol’ Jurassic Scots scribbler gets the ‘wobbles’during a project… my life to date has thrown up some seriously frightening interludes… more than my fair share, I guess… some of which were not of my own making, but others, well, were entirely a result of decisions I made independently… I don’t think any of us knowingly makes bad decisions… often decisions are seen later to be wrong, and other, better decisions are made to correct the previous ones, and so…  that there have been tons of ‘highs and lows’, ‘colour’, and ‘drama’,  is not in question… indeed it would be a very dull life for any of us if there were no ‘roller-coaster moments’… emotionally, financially, career-impacting… the usual life experience suspects… however, of late I have pondered, prevaricated, procrastinated, and then plunged headlong into an effort to record my own life story… or…

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To Kindle, or not to Kindle, that is the question…


How many times over the years have you, like me, lent one of your precious books from your personal library to a friend or colleague, never to see it again? If you are a book lover, you feel violated, let down and downright annoyed that the copy of a book you sought out from the many displayed on your local book shops shelves, has vanished forever.

But a book, especially a paperback edition, is merely a thing and therefore not important – correct? Wrong! Someone took a great deal of time and energy creating that precious manuscript for your reading pleasure. Plus books were never ever designed to be read and then disposed of. Nor were they ever meant to be treated roughly by having their spines broken, a practice I abhor.

Just look at the sad sight of misused and abused books available in the plethora of second hand bookshops, the graveyard for terminally ill copies of literary works,  be they fiction or fact, within your own nation. Many have torn pages. Many have terrible wounds inflicted upon them by unthinking people who have bent them backwards, or folded the top corner of a page instead of inserting some form of bookmark to mark their place within the novels pages.

Well, all those disgusting and downright unthinking practices can now end forever. No longer will you need to replace your lost copy to fill the gap in your book shelf. No longer will your precious books be subjected to the unthinking and callous misuse by the moronic sector of the world of readers.

I give you the answer to all of the above – Kindle and its sister version of the EBook reader, Nook. Amazon brought out Kindle, and Nook is the product of Barnes & Noble. There are others out there, far too many to mention.

Here I make the case for Kindle as an excellent example of the way books can now be purchased and read. Progressive book sellers like Amazon now offer the reader two ways of buying that ‘must have’ book. You can either order your physical copy, whether it is hardcover, or paperback, then within a few weeks it will arrive through your letterbox, or you can do what I do.

Either buy yourself a Kindle Reader, or as I have, simply download the totally free version of Kindle for PC. Next all you have to do is find the Kindle version of that ‘must have’ book, and with one click, within the space of one minute, you have the book sitting in front of you on your Kindle Reader or your Kindle for PC programme. No lengthy lead times, no “Currently this book is out of stock”, and best of all, your precious book is out of reach of those serial book abusers for all time!

Try it; I guarantee you that you will not regret it…

Life’s a beach…

Reblogged as ordered Sue 😉

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

amarex diagram 105

I knew it was early, too early to be getting up, and laid there pondering dreams for a while, thinking back through the night. There are many types of dream… the daydreams that lift us from the humdrum world and transport us in imagination to an elsewhere full of possibility… the dreams of what we would do if we could, if circumstances allowed… Nightmares and fears, memories replayed, the odd, surreal and symbolic dreams that leave us wondering just what is there in the deepest recesses on our own mind, and those that play out the events and worries that prey on our minds.

Then there are the gifts. There are dreams that have you scrabbling for a pen in the dark to capture elusive wisps of understanding before they fade, the inspiration that drags you uncompromisingly from sleep and sees you writing or sketching away through half opened eyes…

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Peaceful Painting|نقاشی صلح آمیز

Peaceful Painting|نقاشی صلح آمیز

Another great story by Laleh 😉

A Voice from Iran


Once upon a time,

There was a king who appreciated art a lot.

He asked all the artists of his kingdom to participate in a competition and create a painting with the subject of “peaceful view.”


He announced that there would be a great prize for the winner of the best painting and promised that he would hang the frame in his palace, which was a huge honor and fame for artists.


Every artist started to paint their version of the most peaceful view.


At the day of the competition, there was hundreds of beautiful paintings all gathered in the big hall of the palace for the king to judge.


The king looked at each painting in depth. There were many paintings of the blue sky and great sea, quiet and peaceful.


Between all the peaceful paintings, the king announced the winner.

The winner was a painting with a…

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The Idiot List

More from our man in Beetley, Norfolk…


This is the last of this week’s posts about non-followers, and people who like posts or follow blogs without even reading what is written in them. Since publishing a very sarcastic short post about this very thing, the marketers have been arriving thick and fast. If nothing else, it proves that they read nothing, and just follow key words. As far as I am concerned, they are just idiots; wasting their time, and the time of anyone who actually thinks they might be genuine blog followers. Even as I type this, they are still arriving in my inbox, so I could never list them all. But remembering the title of my previous post, this stream of people with nothing better to do with their time is still pouring in.

There are no links here, as you have no need to find out who they are, or view their sites. I…

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