Pantsing or planning – that is the NaNoWriMo question

Pantsing or planning – that is the NaNoWriMo question

Jack Eason:

Matthew makes good points

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 The big question with NaNoWriMo, for a lot of writers, is whether to ‘pants’ or ‘plan’.

Writing fuel! Writing fuel!

You know – whether to sit down and ‘just write’, with the story going where it will as one navigates ‘by the seat of the pants’, or whether it’s better to have some sort of written structure.

The fact is that writing worded with the heat of inspiration often flows better than writing that is wrung out, one laborious word at a time.

A lot depends on the temperament of the author and what works for them, of course.

The problem with ‘pantsing’, though, is that there’s ‘pantsing’. And then there’s ‘pantsing’.

It’s like this. I know that beginning authors like to ‘seat-of-the-pants’ their way through a story – enjoying the free-form creativity that this brings. That’s usually the appeal of the activity – the joy of creativity. But that’s not writing:…

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What is it that I’m writing?

Jack Eason:

Something from Aurorajean :)

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I was invited to write a novella for a bundle book which I am very proud of. In fact I am working on it right now. Knowing me when I sink into work I won’t pay attention to anything around me until I think I’m done. Reason enough to decide in time to find out what a novella is and how it is structured. Working on my full length novel I needed to know how long it can/should be and if it’s supposed to have chapters.

I found different sources, each of them saying something else. Even though its content is hardly ever engraved in stone Wikipedia at this time seemed to be quite informative.


A novella is a work of written, fictional, narrative prose normally longer than a short story but shorter than a novel. The English word “novella” derives from the Italian “novella“…

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A New Science Fiction Story Begins


Well, I’ve started thinking about my next Scifi WIP. At the moment it has no title. That will occur to me much later as the story gradually unfolds. So far all I have is the vague preamble below.


      There was a time when mankind’s only means of exploring the Universe meant either sending unmanned probes to various locations across our solar system, or exploring beyond its borders by using powerful telescopes, parked in stationary orbit above the Earth and dotted across the planet. That all changed in the twenty-second century when fusion propulsion became a reality, and a way of keeping a human being alive for the duration of any flight, further than the inner limits of our solar system, was finally worked out.


Out of those few words will come the story itself. How it starts, where it goes, who and how many characters are involved, only time will tell. But one thing I can definitely say is that one of them will have a hidden agenda, which means that the story will, in all likelihood, be dark. Developing he/she or it and their reasoning is the fun part for me.

When will I publish? Next year.

Will it be an eBook or a paperback? Both.

Will it be published using Amazon exclusively? Definitely not! With this one I’ll be publishing the eBook version via Smashwords, and the paperback version via CreateSpace. But all of that is many, many months away.

Will I be asking Chris The Story Reading Ape to come up with an eye catching cover? Yes, but much later on.

Well that’s all for now. From time to time I’ll be publishing progress reports here on my blog.

Spot you later,

Jack  :D