The second progress report


I have to report that I’m almost fifty percent the way through the first stage of this year’s writing project, the re-read. To that end I’m still picking up characters as and when they appear, and more of the vague clues I inserted into The Forgotten Age.

If you look at the above illustration you will see the way Nick and co found their way beneath the Great Pyramid and the Ghiza Plateau in their search for the Library of the Ancients via the Pit and the blocked off tunnel opposite from the base of the Descending Passage.

It has to be said – I really know how to write a brilliant tale. If you don’t believe me, why not ask the celebrated author of all things ancient Egypt these days – my friend Robert Bauval. Its sequel will have to be even better if I’m going to have any hope of impressing him for a second time.

As well as the re-read, I’ve begun by thinking about how to get Nick and co out of the predicament I left them in where Forgotten ended so dramatically, somewhere beneath the Giza Plateau, between the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. I’m also considering several ideas I have at the moment about how they might escape – if they can that is. More of that later once I’ve something else to report…

By the way, if you buy your ebooks from, click on the highlighted red link above to get yourselves a copy of Forgotten to see what all the fuss is about.


Newsflash – Robert has already offered to write a review, even before I have begun to write the sequel.  🙂


Review: THE DRY by Jane Harper, published by Little Brown

Review: THE DRY by Jane Harper, published by Little Brown

Michael’s review…


dsc_0324.jpgISBN: 978 1408 708170

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again many more times, but it’s worth putting in as an introduction for the first review of every year:

I do not review books I don’t like.

It is not because I am a particularly kind reviewer. No, there are two reasons for my reluctance to write about books I can’t stand.

First, there are far too many damn good books to review to waste my time writing up bad reviews or, worse, puffing a book I think is dreadful. So I won’t. If I say I like a book, you can be sure I mean it. If I sit down at 21.00 hours on a cold Wednesday evening, unpaid, I will only write about a book if I like it.

Second, however, is the flip side of the coin. By that I mean that my tastes…

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Part One of Chapter One

Something old… 😉

Have We Had Help?


Here is the first part of Chapter One in my science fiction space opera Onet’s Tale.


Chapter One – Jalnuur

An escape pod sat alone in the vast hanger deck after it was detected on a routine patrol above Dranaa. Its battered outer hull bore scars from countless impacts from micrometeorites and other space debris. The barely legible identification letters indicated its mother ship and battle fleet. The recovery caused great excitement on the orbiting base. The base commander reported the find to the Imperial Council on the home planet.

Technicians conducting a routine scan of the escape pod found a body in stasis. When the stasis unit was opened, the body was found to be desiccated due to the damage to the unit, caused by micrometeorite bombardment. A forensic medical team worked for hours on the lifeless mummy. DNA tests revealed the house it belonged to, and after…

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