Once Upon a Halloween… (A short story by Chris Graham)

Once Upon a Halloween… (A short story by Chris Graham)

Chris finally sets his imagination free 🙂

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A short story by Chris Graham

The light of the full moon reflected off the stark branches of the ancient oak, dead for the past six centuries, yet still standing, brooding alone on the hilltop.

A sweet looking young girl child with long curly blonde tresses stood, tied securely in front of it, the moonlight making her appear ghostlike as it shone onto her pale face and long white nightdress.

She was looking towards the village she had been brought from, each cottage showing candlelit windows surrounded by interwoven strands of garlic and a large consecrated wooden cross nailed to their doors.

As the last toll of the church midnight bell echoed into silence, she heard the first distant howl, then another, louder one in answer.

They were coming.

She had been discovered lost and abandoned in the nearby woods just the day before, so the village elders selected her to…

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Another update for my work in progress – Céleste


You will be pleased to hear, at least I hope you are, that it proceeds well. I’m about to start another part of Céleste’s story, having written slightly over ten thousand words so far. Only another fifty or sixty thousand to go. You never know, if it takes me to places I haven’t even thought of yet it might even stretch to one hundred thousand.

Chris The Story Reading Ape has all the information he needs to produce the cover this tale of mixed emotions and danger among the stars demands. I can’t wait to see what he eventually comes up with given that I’ve emphasised how I want it to look, which leaves him very little leeway, especially where the cover’s photographic quality is concerned.

By only dealing with five human characters, plus Céleste and the ship itself, makes writing this story so much easier. There is more than enough to be going on with, expecially when it comes to the way they all interact with one another. At this juncture, I must make mention of the fact that as the story has begun to slowly unfold, anger, jealousy, resentment and murderous thoughts have already reared their ugly heads. God only knows what will happen next.

Well I’d better get back to it. I freely admit I am the devoted slave of two exotic beauties, Céleste and my muse Bianca. As I write this they are calling me back to work once more. What man in his right mind would contemplate disobeying them. Certainly not I.


She who must be obeyed

  That’s all for now,

Jack 😀

Meanwhile Here In The UK


Yet again our Prime Minister David Cameron and his government seem hell bent on making the lives of those struggling to make ends meet while living below the poverty line, even more dire than they already are. The one question he needs to be asked is why he and his cronies want to put the living standards of the majority of the population back to the way they were one hundred and fifty years ago? What he has to remember is that in the not too distant past, revolutions happened when the rich one percent punished the poor majority for simply being poor! Even the House of Lords and some of his own Tory MP’s know this is a step to far!!!!