The Simplest Pleasures

Whoever it was that said the simplest pleasures are the best was quite right. Each day I’m visited by dozens of garden birds, or rather my bird feeder and the ground beneath it is. I get an inordinate amount of pleasure looking out of my window to see what species has just turned up.

Mostly its Sparrows and Blackbirds. But, every now and then I get Robins, Blue Tits, Ring-necked Doves, Wood Pigeons, Long-tailed Tits, to name but seven species – the list is endless. For the price of a 5kg bag of seed, to which I add Suet Sprinkles and dry Meal worms, I get endless hours of entertainment for virtually nothing. Plus, their plumage adds much needed colour to an otherwise drab and neglected green garden.

Who needs to spend thousands searching the world seeking pleasure when nature supplies such a spectacle on your own doorstep, certainly not me…  

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