The Research Into Author Incomes

Further proof, not that most in the field need convincing, that the average writer is poorly remunerated…


wpid-1404820284073.jpgI’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth reconsidering this week.

The Authors Licensing and Collecting Society is a marvellous organisation that helps authors by collecting odd amounts of money. For example, I recently had some few pounds because someone in Germany had been copying pages from one of my novels for use in classes in a school. The ALCS has an interest in how authors are remunerated.

And the news is, even worse than ever.

Yes, there is a nice lady called JK Rowling; there’s another called Martina Cole. There are men like Ian Rankin, Sandy McCall Smith, John Grisham, James Patterson, and all of them earn stratospheric amounts. In the same way, the legal profession has some QCs who can afford yachts, some architects can afford private jets, and musicians can afford mansions on both coasts of America to go with their properties in the UK.

The top percent…

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