6 thoughts on “The Other Neanderthal

      • You may well be right Jack, I’ve often wondered about that, although the evidence seems to point that way at present.
        However, we still don’t know much about Antarctica.
        And it linked Africa, India and South America, where primates (with and without tails) abound and go back countless generations.
        Another primate species, Lemurs, got isolated on Madagascar and evolved into several distinct species there.
        Makes you wonder what they’d have been like if they’d increased their brain complexity the way hominids did 🙂


      • The Louis Leakey’s of this world conveniently forget that all the land masses were joined together on at least two occasions in the not too distant past. Finding a couple of Ape skulls in Kenya and claiming they are the ancestors of all humans everywhere, stretches credibility to breaking point.

        Remember Piltdown Man? 🙂

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